10 New Windows 11 Features That Are Actually COOL!

10 New Windows 11 Features That Are Actually COOL!
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Windows 11 has been here for quite some time now, but Microsoft has been bringing a number of cool features in the last few updates. In this video, we take a look at 10 new Windows 11 features that are actually very cool and very useful.

0:00 Intro
0:14 Shoutout
0:40 Tabs in File Explorer
1:24 Voice Typing
1:55 New Snap Layouts
2:20 Advanced Gestures
2:50 Live Captions
3:15 New Notepad App
3:43 Revamped Task Manager
4:19 Start Menu Customizations
4:45 Taskbar Features
5:11 Other Cool New Features

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27 thoughts on “10 New Windows 11 Features That Are Actually COOL!”

  1. Microsoft has now stated that its latest back-door is now sufficiently stable to be installed in all new computers. But their last attempt backfired, and gave the Mac a big boost. This one is already doing the same. Only incoherent people like this man support it. And a certified Windows mechanic is now recommending Linux. I see elsewhere that all M$ screens are now available. Does that include the only honest one? For Win98 under the heading "More Reliable," was a photo of a secretary at a desk which bore a printer with no computer in sight. Unable to be productive, she was reading a newspaper. Yes, reliably under-performing. Windows requires a handful of administrative apps, just to keep it working; Linux requires none.

  2. Taskbar getting better is absolutely false. It has gotten much worse. It has caused me so many problems because I cannot simply look at my screen and see what I have minimized so I can click on the one I want to maximize. This is not possible in W11 because it stacks everything up and combines everything. You cannot see anything at all. This is a downgrade. As well as many extremely important system configuration options that were available previously, are just completely gone in W11. As well as cosmetic customization options. Gone. So it is as much a downgrade. Also, W11 functions more like malware than actual operating system. My favorite new feature is the Start menu as long as you set it to the left side. It is much better than previous Windows.

  3. 5:24 For some reason, my version of Windows 11 doesn't do this, I also confirmed to see if I had a older version of Windows but it seems like I am on the latest version. Anyone having the same issue?


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