10 Reasons Your Google AdSense Application Was Rejected 2022

If your Google Adsense application was rejected, the reason is due to one or more of the reasons listed below. Let’s take a look at the Adsense application terms altogether.

Google AdSense is one of the best known advertising services, and for good reason. They offer you a wide variety of ad sizes, delivery methods, reporting tools, and most importantly, quick payouts.

Since many individuals and companies rely on advertising on their websites as a way to make money, it is not unusual for them to turn to Google AdSense from the moment they launch their website.

However, most of the time these applications will be rejected. Paying attention to the 10 common mistakes list below will help you avoid being rejected for an AdSense partnership and increase your chances of joining one of the best ad serving services.

Google Adsense Application Rejection Reasons

1. Your website is very new

This is one of the first things you should pay attention to. Google doesn’t want to work with newly created websites. This is an indication that AdSense campaigns are not going to do that much for you or them.

Therefore, if your website is less than 6 months old, you should delay the AdSense application. Or you should apply within 2 months by adding very original at least 10-15 long articles.

2.You have no website content, low quality or inappropriate content

Google is a large company that wants to provide outstanding service to its customers. They want to avoid websites with inappropriate or incomplete content or generally poor content.

Therefore, if there is no content on your website, or if the content is low quality or inappropriate, you will be automatically rejected.

So make sure you create the best possible content. It also guarantees that the traffic on your website will increase in the future, which is what the people behind AdSense want – a larger audience for their ads.

As for inappropriate content (including adult content, hate speech, etc.), this is absolutely unacceptable and there is no way to get around it.

3.You have low quality or non-organic traffic

Getting a steady amount of traffic to your website is essential. Organic traffic indicates that you are creating legitimate content and your website is of high quality.

If you follow sneaky tactics in attracting visitors to your website, your bounce rate will be high . Also, if you’re paying for your traffic , Google will know about it.

Patience is key here, work to ensure that your website is naturally visited by others.

4. If there is no Privacy policy page on your website

This is a strict rule for Google AdSense users and is the most common reason an application is rejected . While many people ignore the importance of having a properly written privacy policy on their website, some don’t have it at all!

Google takes users’ privacy seriously and asks you to do the same. It is imperative that you have a privacy policy on your website. Ignoring this step will result in an immediate rejection.

Expert tip: the privacy policy creators the trouble of writing your own privacy policies rid of  . It will save you hours of work and potential costly legal mistakes.

5.If you encourage users to click ads

You can ask your readers to use your affiliate links and mention them in your description, but asking them to click on AdSense ads to support you is against their terms and policies. To avoid this, keep everything on your website clean and organic.

Display ads when appropriate, try different placements on your website to improve conversions, but never convince users to click the ads.

Google does not want to be linked to any website that redirects to inappropriate or suspicious websites. Double check your own links and backlinks pointing to you from other websites. Remove anything related to inappropriate content.

7.Server downtime

AdSense wants to collaborate with always accessible websites. Therefore, server uptime and downtime are very important. Double check your hosting provider’s capabilities, as you always want your website to be online.

If your website is constantly crashing and going offline, AdSense will reject your application because it means that the ads on your website will be offline quite often and will simply not be perceived as unprofessional.

8.If you sell imitation products

Selling counterfeit products or engaging in online fraud of any kind is not supported by most companies. If you plan to do shady work online, don’t wait for AdSense’s approval.

Before you submit an application to AdSense, make sure everything you do is completely legal.

9.You are under 18 years old

To apply for AdSense, you must be over 18 years old. If you are underage they will not approve of you.

If you are under the age of 18, a good way to get the application accepted is to work with your parents or another trusted person aged older. This allows you to work on your AdSense enabled website even if you are underage.

10. If you have been banned before

If you have already been banned, your application will be automatically rejected. If this happens, you need to contact AdSense customer support.

However, the chances of being accepted are rather low because you have already violated the code of conduct in the past. Nobody likes it, including AdSense.

Put yourself in the company’s shoes. It is clear that Google and AdSense want to work with serious people who will serve their ads to thousands and possibly millions of visitors.

With this in mind, follow each of these steps and make sure you meet all the requirements before submitting the application.

If you are rejected, be mindful of why you were rejected and take steps to get you accepted next time.

For a better understanding of all the rules,  you can visit the official Google Support page for more information  .

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