10 unknown ways to make money

How to make money tips

Today, while there is such a great resource as the internet, you can easily improve yourself both in terms of knowledge and in terms of making money. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and producing truly viable projects can help you earn money by doing what you love. People who put the toy called slinky, known as a stress toy in our country, in fancy boxes and put it for sale under the name of pet rock, are spoken with the wealth they make today. You may also have such interesting projects and you may not have seen the chance to make money yet.

1-Song copyrights

You can have a good musical knowledge, a solid ear for music and a skill in songwriting. If so, I’d say you’re lucky. With a piece you write, you can become famous and make a really good income. If you think your voice is not good, you can sell this piece for someone else to sing it. If your voice is good, you can also earn money by uploading it to video sharing sites.

2-Forex (Buying and Selling with Leverage)

Almost everyone has heard of investments made in the stock market. They are investments that pay off in the long run. But today, there are also new generation financial markets. The most developed of these is the forex market. You can trade with 100 dollars in the Forex market and profit 100 times more by taking advantage of the leverage system.

3-Making friends

Thinking about how to make money from friendship, this article may have seemed absurd to you. But there are sites around the world where you can find friends according to the area you want. For example; You are looking for a person with whom you have gone to an unfamiliar place and who will both befriend and spend time with you. Friend rental sites come into play immediately and you can find friends with the features you want. He thinks that we may meet in the near future, even if there is no initiative in our country regarding this issue yet. Don’t think of dating sites as dating sites. If you have a lot of social aspects and you are a fun person, you can earn money by making professional friends to people in need. You will also earn more money by having fun than working.

4-Using the Car as a Billboard

Another job where you can earn money by traveling. The advertising face of a particular brand can be your car, and it is possible to earn money just by driving through crowded traffic. The money you earn depends on the model, brand and geography of your car. Being a careful driver and enjoying driving in traffic is the only point you need to pay attention to. You can rent your car for advertising by contacting various agencies that do this job.

5-By Making Viral Videos

Nowadays, we prefer to learn from the videos taken on that subject instead of reading something. In this way, we get information faster and more memorable. In addition, we love to watch funny videos that will relieve stress by opening a video sharing site in our spare time, during coffee breaks. While we are having fun and distracting ourselves in this way, the owners of these videos also earn money. Don’t think how easy it is. It is not an easy task to prepare, assemble and deliver videos in an original and remarkable way. But as a result, you can become a Youtube rich.

6-Downloading Applications

I guess making money has never been so easy! It is possible to earn money by downloading only a few applications from where you are sitting. If you are wondering how it will be, let’s tell you right away: There are some applications running in the background of your phone. These applications do not listen to your private information, phone calls; but they track your activities online. They also use this to improve their marketing decisions. You will see many advertisements for the pages you are constantly searching for or viewing on the Internet. That’s why this is. For example, you visited a shopping site to buy a shoe. These programs (and usually Google does this) record your searches and show you these shoe sites as an advertisement when you come to a page that has nothing to do with it. You can earn money by helping companies like Google that want to improve their marketing and advertising field. Even without the high sums, it’s sure to be a nice additional benefit.

7- Renting something

Although you live alone, you can have a big house. By renting the spare rooms of this house, you can both earn money and find one or more roommates for yourself. People who live alone usually prefer 1+1 houses. But when they can’t find a small house to their liking, they live in bigger houses. Here you can turn this into an advantage and rent your spare rooms. In addition to renting your house, it is also possible to earn money by renting a garage and parking lot. For example, your house may have a garage or private parking lot, even though you don’t have a car. You can also earn a good income by renting this place to people in need. Finding a parking space in big cities is one problem, but finding a safe parking space is another. Therefore, it is possible to earn money by creating attractive offers.

8-Finding a company name and slogan

Your creativity may be particularly high in this regard. For example, you may find the name given to a newly opened venue or the slogan created for its advertisement insufficient. You may be using the phrase “I would say so if I were you” often. If you really think you are creative in this field, you need to know that there are people around the world who make money this way. Creative people come together with people looking for a name and slogan for their company on a specially created website. In this way, both the business owner of the company is seen and you earn money in a very entertaining way.

9-Listening to music

“No more!” I can hear you say. If discovering new songs all the time is for you and you really believe that you are a good listener, this is the job for you. A website operating around the world is doing this job and it is seen that the site has 14 million comments and has earned more than 1 million dollars. All you have to do is listen to the 90-second recordings and make comments and criticisms. Those who are just starting out in this business are paid a small fee; but as your experience points increase, you have a chance to earn up to $10 per 90 second song you listen to!


Even if our country is not very sensitive about this issue, there are many people around the world who make money from recycling. Recycling materials such as metal, glass and plastic are a really good source of income. You can also recycle your empty cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes, which we only care about when moving, represent a nice capital that you can earn money around the world! You can sell boxes to companies between 50 cents and $2, depending on the characteristics of the box. In addition, shopping stores, supermarkets will also provide you with capital free of charge.

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