12 Best Sticker Apps for WhatsApp (February 2022)

In October 2018, the stickers finally landed on WhatsApp. It was a feature that was very requested by users and that we could already enjoy in other messaging applications of the likes of LINE, Telegram or Facebook Messenger. These virtual stickers enable us a funnier way to us in our chats express. We can either use the default stickers that come with the app, download packs provided by other manufacturers, or create our own.

The best sticker pack apps for WhatsApp

The possibility, Use ready-made sticker packs, is one of the most convenient since we can simply download the app, add the packs we like the most and use them directly in our conversations. After analyzing some of them, we liked the following ones the most.

SuperHero Stickers

Screenshot of SuperHero Stickers UIScreenshot of SuperHero Stickers UI

If we Fans of comic world and superheroes are, and have appropriate geek friends who are Batman-Facepalm appreciate as an answer, this app cannot be missing on your phone. It includes stickers of Captain America, the Joker, Thanos, the Avengers, Deadpool and various other DC Comics characters. Just click the + on the pack we want to add, watch a little ad and you’re good to go.

Telegram Stickers

Screenshot of Telegram Stickers UIScreenshot of Telegram Stickers UI

If you’ve been using stickers in Telegram for a while and miss some of your favorites on WhatsApp, then this is your app. Developed by Telegram itself, we can here ten of the most popular packs from Pavel Durov’s messenger app download and add: the velociraptor, the polar bear, the rainbow unicorn, etc. Here we won’t have to bother with pop-ups like other apps of this type, although from time to time the app kindly invites us to download Telegram Messenger.

Emojis Stickers

Screenshot of New Funny Emojis Stickers UI in 3DScreenshot of New Funny Emojis Stickers UI in 3D

This sticker pack focuses on emoticons and especially memojis. It includes dozens of packs for all tastes, so if we haven’t created our own avatar after ourselves, we won’t have any trouble, To find stickers that bear a certain resemblance to our face. They are available for all genders, races, hairstyles and facial attributes. Just as easy to use as the other packs.

Elite Emoji

Screenshot of Elite Emoji UIScreenshot of Elite Emoji UI

This is perhaps the most different app of all, along with the following one, because it is not a standard sticker pack app but offers us many more such as GIFs, inspirational photos and motivational messagesthat we can share on WhatsApp. After a few questions about our personality (hopefully only to be able to offer us personalized stickers) we’ll get access to a gigantic gallery of resources to share on our favorite messaging app.

Popular Stickers

Screenshot of Popular Stickers interfaceScreenshot of Popular Stickers interface

From the same developer as the aforementioned Emoji Elite, these are User interface, sections and functions are practically identical with the last app, including the personal questions before the first use. What differentiates the two is the content. We don’t know what criteria its developers followed to add stickers to one app and another, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best sticker apps for the variety of content.

Christmas Stickers

Screenshot of Christmas Stickers UIScreenshot of Christmas Stickers UI

It might not be a year-round pack, but when the holidays come around we’ll certainly need it to happy holidays to our loved ones to wish. Christmas decorations, gifts, Christmas trees, snowmen, Santa Claus toasts and New Year’s greetings are some of the images that we can share on WhatsApp, as well as Halloween and Thanksgiving stickers that have nothing to do with Christmas but are welcome fillers.

Meme Stickers

Screenshot of Meme Stickers UIScreenshot of Meme Stickers UI

Some say that memes are the best thing the internet has given us, and they’re certainly right. That’s why this sticker pack is a must-have, as it includes practically everything from the classic forever alone or rage guy to the most modern, including Celebrity memes like Chuck Norris, Donald Trump or Elon Musk. However, not all are free as some require a premium subscription.

The best apps to create WhatsApp stickers

If you don’t like ready-made all the time and prefer to create your own stickershere is a list of some of the best tools to create your own Sticker to create for whatsapp. In another entry in this trick guide, you will find several detailed instructions on how to create your own stickers and how to do it with your own photos.


Screenshot of Stickify's user interfaceScreenshot of Stickify’s user interface

Stickify could well have been discussed in the previous chapter as it also comes with a ton of predefined sticker packs of all kinds (it has over 5,000 and new stickers are added with every update). But what we liked the most is the creation tool, which unlike other editor tools, includes a web search in case you don’t want to use photos from your gallery. It also doesn’t require at least three stickers per pack to add to WhatsApp.


Screenshot of Sticker.ly interfaceScreenshot of Sticker.ly interface

Sticker.ly is probably the most comprehensive of all the apps on this list. As in the previous case, it offers us stickers already created, perfectly organized by theme, as well as fun short videos to update our WhatsApp status. It also stands out for its very simple and intuitive creation tool with which we also add hashtags to our stickers so others can find and use them too (provided we allow it). As in most cases, a minimum of three stickers per pack is required to be added to the messaging app.

Sticker Studio

Screenshot of Sticker Studio UIScreenshot of Sticker Studio UI

PlayStudios’ tool has everything we need to create our own stickers. We can use photos from our gallery, images taken directly with our camera, or text stickers as a basis. We can make them square, circular, triangular or free form, and we must always create at least three stickers to be able to add the pack to WhatsApp. The only problem is that fitting the image inside the selected outline is not an easy process as it requires a good pulse.


Screenshot of the Wemoji interfaceScreenshot of the Wemoji interface

Wemoji is one of the most popular apps when it comes to creating stickers for WhatsApp. In general, it offers us almost the same thing as any other sticker creation tool, even if it is perhaps through the detailed guide that strikes us at first Access to the app offers, which simplifies everything, as well as two very different menus that separate the creative area from the gallery of stickers already created. Apart from that, we’ll have the possibility to create stickers from our photos and we’ll also have access to a lot of pre-made accessories, many of which we can only unlock for an hour (unless we pay for it).

Sticker Maker

Screenshot of Sticker Maker UIScreenshot of Sticker Maker UI

Viko & Co have developed several sticker pack apps that have become quite popular, including one from the global rulers in which Trump grabs everyone’s attention. But in this case we highlight the editor, which is just that, an app with which you can create stickers from your photos without accessing others already created. The most striking thing is that we can use it to add up to 30 stickers per packwith no minimum number, and that the cutting and text tools are very easy to use.

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