5 Reasons Windows 11 is WORTH the Upgrade

5 Reasons Windows 11 is WORTH the Upgrade
5 Reasons Windows 11 is WORTH the Upgrade. A list of 5 reasons why the new features and improvements in Windows 11 may encourage the upgrade to Microsoft’s new operating system.

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26 thoughts on “5 Reasons Windows 11 is WORTH the Upgrade”

  1. Don't do it! Have a sweet new machine came with 11 the hardwere is solid that said the applicatons crash on the regular. multiple display issues audio is a hot mess zoom vomits up on the regular espcially when screen sharing. It looks more dumbed down than improved. Maybe they will fix this crap fest!

  2. Upgrading to windows 11 made my laptop get locked behind a Bitlocker screen. Even though I never activated it or used it!! I had to disable secure boot up just to be able to restore my computer to factory mode!! For ANYONE THAT WANTS TO UPGRADE MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOU DON'T NEED A BITLOCKER KEY OR YOU WILL BE SCREWED!!!!!

  3. I like Windows 11 because its more polished. Though I'm not happy because i wasn't able use folder in start menu.. Why they removed this feature and then they add it later?? Also they promise Android Subsystem but until know they didn't release it to public.

  4. In terms of visuals,… Windows 7 imo is still the most gorgeous. And no i won't be upgrading anytime soon as WIN 11 was pushed and there is too many bugs and security holes still present. Ill give it another year or two. To be on the safe side maybe 3.

    Good video though

  5. What is timeline in Windows 10? I'm not even aware of these problems. I don't even see active tiles in Windows 10 as I've been running my Win10 OS based laptop with Classic Shell installed. Ahh…computing bliss. As I get older, I realize that I'm done with each generation of UI/UX developers trying to re-teach me how to launch an application or do simple things. Microsoft should simply support a proper classic mode if they want widespead adoption of their latest OS. They used to be the best at maintaining backward compatibility and supporting their users. I'm not so sure of that anymore.

  6. When Windows 10 loses support, I will upgrade to Windows 11 when I have a laptop that supports it. But I will download Start11, as I prefer the organized tiled start menu of Windows 10. I will also keep the taskbar centered, as it looks cool.

  7. According to the User Interface (UI), Windows 11 is more Superior because it's more Fluent and Modern/Minimalist Design. Also more Fresh than Windows 10, because a lot of Legacy Apps are Redesigned.

    But, according to the User Experience (UX), Windows 10 is still the Superior. WHY? Because :
    – First, in Windows 11 we can't move a Taskbar into the Top, Left, and Right, only at the Bottom even though we can aligned Taskbar to the Left or in the Middle as a Default. If we Right clicked on Taskbar, it only appears a "Taskbar Settings".
    – Second, we can't do a Drag and Drop in Windows 11 RTM, we only can press a ALT + Tab key. But, on Version 22H2, this Feature will coming back so we can doing Drag and Drop Files/Folders.
    – Third, Windows 11 are more complicated. Because if we're doing a Right clicked we must click a "Show more options" either on Desktop or in File Explorer. On Windows 11, if we're want to open a Current Files in an App (eg. Word, Excel, VS Code, etc.), we must go to All Aps and Right Click or we must open an App first, then Right clicked.
    – In Windows 11, there isn't have a Seconds, only a Hour and Minutes that has been moved to a Widget with a 12-Hour Time Format (AM/PM). So, we doesn't know now how much seconds. Calendar in Windows 11 are DIFFERENT with Calendar in Windows 10. In Windows 10, we may know the Events on Calendar. But, in Windows 11, we must open a Calendar App if we want to know an Events on Calendar.

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  9. Hey everyone! The audio quality may be off this video. If you didn't see my most recent community post, during the production of this video, my headphones and microphone decided to die out on me (yay), so editing audio was a bit of a hassle this time. I'll get this fixed ASAP and hopefully this is only a one video thing. Anyways, thanks for sticking around!


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