7 Best Apps to Bring Apple AirDrop to Android

If you are an Android owner suffering from the envy of an Apple AirDrop , these file transfer apps are perfect for you.

Even if you’re an Android fan, you have to admit that Apple’s AirDrop is pretty handy because it makes file transfers between iOS devices and Macs fast and easy. No need for USB cables or cloud software – just search for other devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and pull data over.

Google ‘s Nearby Share There is an alternative called, but it is currently only Android and Chrome OS ‘ s support. So if you want to share data with a PC, you’ll need a separate app to do the job.

With these Android apps, you can easily send photos, apps, videos and more from one device to another.

1. ShareMe

This Xiaomi app is one of the most essential Android alternatives to AirDrop. To send a file to another phone, the other person must also install the app. To exchange, simply scan a QR code to share data over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Meanwhile, the Webshare option creates a temporary hotspot. Later other devices including PCs can access it to receive files. It’s a little strange as you have to create a new SSID and password each time, but it works fine.

The easiest way to share files with a PC is through the Share on PC   function. Assuming your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network, this sets up an FTP server that you can access from your computer’s web browser. However, it doesn’t let you view thumbnails or select multiple files at once, as some AirDrop-like apps for Android do.

Download:  ShareMe  (Free)

2. Snapdrop

7 Best Apps to Bring Apple AirDrop to Android 7 Best Apps to Bring Apple AirDrop to Android 7 Best Apps to Bring Apple AirDrop to Android

Snapdrop technically doesn’t fit into this list because it’s not actually an Android app. Instead, it’s a web application that you access from the web browser on your device, whether it’s a smartphone or a desktop computer.

Your device will receive a name as soon as you open the Snapdrop web page. You will also see the names of other devices on your network while that page is open.

Tap or click other users’ icons to open a file browser. This allows you to choose what you want to send. Next, the other user has the option to ignore or download the file.

It is fast, simple and open source, so there are no ads or costs.

Visit:  Snapdrop  (Free)

3. Zapya WebShare

WebShare allows you to share applications between your phone and another device using the graphical interface in your web browser.

From there, you can view photos, play videos and audio, share your phone’s screen and even control the camera remotely. If you’re looking for a specific picture or video, it’s great to be able to see previews of files before transferring.

As a bonus, WebShare also includes a GIF maker, a video screen capture function, and a storage cleaner for your phone. Whether to use these as useful features or just to inflate them depends on your needs.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the ads. This is a shame because they can be a little annoying at times, they pop up often and take up most of the screen.

Download:  Zapya WebShare  (Free)

4. Easy Share

Easy Share must work on both to share files from one phone to another using this app. One person  taps Share  ; the other   chooses Submit .

You can access Easy Share’s HTTP server using a web browser. The application gives you an IP address that you type into your browser. This allows you to access and browse everything on your phone.

Similar to ShareMe’s FTP browser, but with added file upload feature.

Easy Share is not a particularly powerful app, but it is easy to use and the ads are inconspicuous. If they bother you, upgrading for a small fee will remove the ads.

Download:  Easy Share  (Free)

5. Pushbullet

Pushbullet creates a link between your phone and your computer, allowing you to not only share files, but also access and send text messages. File sharing works through an interface very similar to a messaging app.

The free version works fine, but limits some items like the size of files you can send and the total storage space you receive. A Pushbullet Pro subscription increases these limits significantly, but it is not cheap.

Pushbullet also allows you to sign up for notification streams that will send you news and announcements from various sources.

Download:  Pushbullet  (Free, subscription available)

6. AirDroid

AirDroid started out as a way to transfer files from your phone to a desktop computer, but has grown to include many more features over time. These days remote control functionality includes screen recording, screen mirroring, backup options and more.

Unlike most of the apps here, you need to be signed in to use it. AirDroid allows you to add up to two devices to your account. In terms of file transfers, the free version limits you to 30MB in size. This goes up to 1 GB for the premium version – the annual subscription is pretty expensive as it is.

Assuming the limits of the free version work for you, it’s a great way to browse your phone’s content on another device.

Download:  AirDroid (Free, subscription available)

7. Sweech

Sweech is very similar to WebShare and AirDroid. Generates an IP address that you type into a web browser on another device to open the Sweech interface. From there, you can preview and download files or upload data to your phone. These are all drag and drop, so it’s very easy to use.

You can also send the files directly to another phone. Sweech will generate a unique URL for this and a QR code that other phone users can scan with their cameras. NFC and Android Beam work here too.

The premium version adds some useful features like password protection and encryption. However, even without this upgrade, Sweech has no limitations on advertising and how much you can share.

Download:  Sweech  (Free, premium version available)

Choosing an Android alternative to AirDrop

Maybe when Close Sharing is fully available for Chrome, it will become the default way to share files between devices. Until then, these apps offer several ways to access data on your phone and move files from one place to another without plugging in a USB cable.

Applications such as WebShare allow you to preview files before transferring them; Others like ShareMe and Easy Share offer a simpler experience.

With these apps, you can easily access your files and organize them efficiently like you would in a regular Android file manager.

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