A Guide for First Time Website Builders

A Guide for First Time Website Builders

A Guide for First Time Website Builders

If you think that creating a website for the first time will be difficult and complicated, you are wrong. Building a website from scratch depends on three small steps: Hosting, Domain and CMS. Of course, just because you haven’t heard these terms before doesn’t mean that these steps are difficult. It is enough to take a look at our explanations to understand that it is extremely simple to set up a site without any technical knowledge:


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The first step you need to take when you want to own a website is to choose a hosting provider that will host your content and keep your site live. So what is hosting?

Hosting means hosting and hosting . Websites are hosted on special computers called servers . These powerful computers, which must have a constant internet connection, are designed and protected to work uninterruptedly, are the heart of the hosting industry. Hosting companies that host and host websites on their servers allow you to rent space for your site on the servers, thus avoiding the cost of purchasing a whole server and the huge responsibilities you have to take for the uninterrupted operation of the server.

Since there are many types of websites, from personal websites to e-commerce sites, each site’s need for server resources such as processor, storage space and RAM is different. For this reason, server resource components at different rates are offered for sale within plans called hosting packages at different prices. So how do you know which hosting package to buy?

Linux Hosting plans are the most affordable and popular option for first-time site builders . You can clarify which of the Linux hosting packages will be more suitable for your site by talking to your hosting provider’s sales representative about the type of your site. You can upgrade your hosting package in case the needs of your site change or the traffic increases over time.


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There is another component that is as necessary as hosting in order to set up a website; domain, that is, the address of your website . The domain, also known as the domain name, is determined by the site owner and usually hosting providers also allow domain registration when purchasing a hosting package.

Before deciding on your domain name, it is recommended to check whether the domain alternatives you have determined for your site are available with the domain search tools and whether they have been taken by someone else before. Thus, if the name you have specified is not available, you can complete the hosting and domain operations in just a few minutes without having to think about alternatives .


The platform where you will create the content of your site, write your articles and add your images; It is known as a content management system or CMS. The most used CMS all over the world; It’s WordPress because it’s free and easy to use. In other words, when you decide to use WordPress as a content management system, you do not need to allocate a budget for your site at the beginning, other than domain and hosting.

Even first-time site builders can have a professional-looking website with WordPress , which does not require any technical knowledge. Most hosting packages allow you to install WordPress with a few clicks. This step is the last step where everything is ready for you to publish your first article. Then you can customize the design and functionality of your site with thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes.

Why Linux Hosting is Recommended for First Time Website Owners?

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If you are in the process of setting up a new site, you are likely to encounter many terms that you have not heard before. Linux Hosting is one of them. When your research and advice are combined with the point that Linux Hosting is the ideal choice for beginners when choosing hosting, here’s what you need to know: Servers work with operating systems just like smartphones. The most popular operating systems used in servers are Linux and Windows. In other words, when Linux is installed on a server as an operating system, hosting a site on that server; It is called Linux Hosting.

ASP and PHP; They are programming languages ​​that are used to create web pages. For example WordPress is PHP based software. Linux hosting; It supports PHP , Perl and MYSQL. Windows hosting; It supports .Net, PHP, ASP, Sharepoint, Visual Basic, MS Access and MS SQL.

So what makes Linux so attractive?

  • Linux hosting packages are more affordable than Windows hosting packages because Linux is open source software, it is free. So no need to buy license fee to use it on servers
  • Linux is more secure than Windows . It has survived many of the largest cyberattacks to date largely unharmed. Its open source nature enables vulnerabilities to be found and fixed quickly.
  • Linux collects very little data about its users, and since the system is customizable, you can get rid of any software you don’t trust at any time. Windows collects a lot more information to profile users, which means a lack of privacy .
  • The modularity of the Linux system allows programmers to build their own solutions from scratch.
  • Linux is not only a useful operating system for brand new devices, it also allows you to revive forgotten hardware even on older systems. While this is not essential for many businesses, it is functional for programmers’ training .

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