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How to Remove Ads from Mobile Games?

Since almost all mobile ads are dynamically loaded from the internet, your phone needs to be online to show ads .

As a result, you  can switch your phone to airplane mode to remove ads in mobile games  . When you do this, most banner ads will disappear and video ads will never load. You may still notice a placeholder where the ads are, but it’s trivial.

For a start on how to do this  , see our guide on how to use airplane mode on iPhone  or  airplane mode on Android .

Of course, this won’t work unless the game is available offline. Many popular games even require a connection to launch them, so this won’t work in these situations. But if you like offline mobile games like simple puzzles or platform games, this is a great tactic.

As an added bonus, doing so will consume less battery life. Your phone won’t consume a lot of battery on network services, plus it doesn’t have to use juice to load and view ads. Make sure to turn off airplane mode when you’re done so you don’t miss anything important!

Other Ways to Stop Ads on Mobile Games

As mentioned, this tip won’t work for every game. If you can’t use it to hide ads from your favorite game, there are a few more options.

First of all, you should check if the game is an in-app purchase to remove the ads. Most games allow you to pay a few bucks to remove ads forever. For the games you play regularly, it’s worth a small fee to remove the annoying ads.

If the game doesn’t offer this option, consider contacting the developer and asking them to add it. You can usually find websites and email addresses on the App Store or Google Play list. Of course not every developer will respond, but it’s worth a try and hopefully they will appreciate your support.

How to Stop Ads on Your Favorite Mobile Games

We will probably never stop seeing ads on mobile games. But it’s worth trying these tips to hide ads in your favorite games.

And if you can’t get rid of ads, why not look for a different game that lets you pay to remove them? Some free games are really great and have no ads or in-app purchases!

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