Airplane Mode on Android: Tips and Tricks You Should Know

You  will see an airplane mode toggle in the shortcut menu on an Android phone or Windows 10 computer  . But what is airplane mode and what does it actually mean? How can you use it to your advantage on your phone or PC?

We will answer airplane mode and all your other questions.

What is Airplane Mode?

Airplane mode is a setting available on almost all smartphones, laptops and similar devices. When you enable Airplane mode, it stops all signal transmission from your device. When your phone is on, you will see an airplane icon in the status bar.

This feature is known as airplane mode because many airlines prohibit wireless devices on their aircraft, especially during take-off and landing. There is some debate as to whether phones can interfere with radio equipment in aircraft, but many feel it is best to be careful.

What Does Airplane Mode Do?

Airplane mode disables all wireless functions of your phone or laptop, including:

  • Cellular connection: You  cannot make calls, send text messages, or use mobile data to access the internet.
  • Wireless:  Your device will disconnect from existing wireless connections and will not connect to new connections.
  • Bluetooth:  Bluetooth is a short-range connection that allows you to connect your phone to speakers, headphones, and more. Airplane mode disables.

GPS is a little different. It does not transmit any radio waves, so airplane mode may or may not turn off GPS depending on your phone. While offline map applications work without internet connection, features such as live traffic do not work in airplane mode.


How to Change Airplane Mode on Android

Follow these steps to enable airplane mode on your Android device:

  1.  Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings panel. Alternatively, you can swipe down once using two fingers.
  2.  Look for the Airplane mode toggle in the grid  . If you don’t see it, you may need to swipe sideways to access more icons.
  3. Your phone will enter airplane mode when you tap it.

Repeat these steps to disable airplane mode. It may take some time for your phone to reconnect to Wi-Fi and cellular data after exiting airplane mode. If for some reason your phone doesn’t have this shortcut, you can  change the airplane mode in Settings> Network & Internet> Airplane mode  .

How to Change Airplane Mode on Windows and Mac

In Windows 10, you can change the airplane mode from Action Center.  Press Win + A or click the notification bubble icon in the lower right corner of your screen to turn it on, then  look for Airplane mode toggle at the bottom  .


Apparently, macOS doesn’t have a dedicated airplane mode option. 

Does Airplane Mode Save Battery?

Yes, airplane mode definitely helps your device save battery life. Various radios in your phone consume a lot of power. They regularly send app notifications over Wi-Fi, communicate with Bluetooth devices and base stations, and check your location.

They all consume a lot of power, so disabling them all at once is a great way to keep your phone alive for longer.  Since your phone doesn’t work much in airplane mode, it will charge faster.

Can You Use Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode?

This depends on your device, but most modern phones allow you to use Wi-Fi even when in airplane mode. Wi-Fi turns off when you enable Airplane mode, but you can manually enable it again.

On your Android device,   swipe down from the top of the screen twice to open Quick Settings again, then   tap Wi-Fi . After a few seconds you will see the Wi-Fi turned on and connected (if your phone allows it). Open Control Center on iPhone and  tap the Wi-Fi toggle in the same way.

Many airlines now offer in-flight Wi-Fi so you can enjoy this feature if available. If you are unsure, you should contact an airline employee before trying to connect. Airplanes only allow Wi-Fi networks above 10,000 feet, so make sure Wi-Fi is turned off during takeoff and landing.

Does Bluetooth Work in Airplane Mode?

This is a scenario similar to the above. Enabling airplane mode will disable Bluetooth, but you can turn it back on with the shortcut toggle on most phones and laptops. Airlines don’t care much about Bluetooth because its range is too short.

Enabling Bluetooth allows you to pair your Bluetooth headphones, keyboard or similar devices. You can do this to save battery while listening to music offline with Bluetooth headsets even if you are not in plane.

Does Airplane Mode Use Data?

No, because enabling airplane mode prevents your phone from connecting to your provider’s cell network. You won’t be able to use any data in airplane mode.

What Does Airplane Mode Do for Games?

If you like playing games on your phone but hate ads, airplane mode can help. Enabling airplane mode hides ads in mobile games , as it disables all internet connections   .

However, this doesn’t always work for games that are Online so you should try it out.

Do Alarms Work in Airplane Mode?

Yes, alarms sound normally even in airplane mode. They don’t rely on any internet connection.  Open the Clock app on your device  and  switch to the Alarms tab to set your alarm as normal  .

Does Snapchat Work in Airplane Mode?

No. Since Snapchat relies on an internet connection, it doesn’t work in airplane mode.

Can You Receive Calls and Messages in Airplane Mode?

No, because your phone is not connected to cellular service. Someone calls you and if your phone is in airplane mode, it will receive your voicemail as if your phone was off. When you disable airplane mode, you will see the messages you receive while in airplane mode.

Listening to Music in Airplane Mode

Spotify, Google Play Music and similar music streaming apps will not work because you don’t have an internet connection in airplane mode. This means you have two options for listening to music in airplane mode.

Firstly, if you subscribe to paid versions of these services like Spotify Premium or YouTube Music Premium, you can download music to your mobile device. This allows you to listen even in airplane mode.

If you don’t want to pay for the premium streaming subscription, you can still listen to local music you have. To do this, you have to put your music on your phone.

Flying with Airplane Mode

We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about airplane mode on your phone or laptop. In short, it allows you to turn off all wireless activity on your device, which is necessary on some flights and is useful even on the ground.

If you have a long flight, we recommend downloading your media to your phone so that you do not trust your internet connection. And if you’re interested in some science on this topic, check out how airplane mode affects your sleep.

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