You probably know a little about Airplane Mode . It cuts off all signals from your phone. But what does that mean? As it turns out, this is actually a useful feature you might consider using more often.

So what does Airplane Mode do and how do you turn it on and off? Do you really need to use it while flying? Which apps stay running while Airplane Mode is enabled? Here’s what you need to know.

What Does Airplane Mode Do on iPhone and iPad?

You can find Airplane Mode on most devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Airplane Mode suspends radio frequency signals to stop interference. This means you cannot send text messages, make or make calls or use Wi-Fi.

Additionally, iMessage and other messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and Facebook Messenger stop working.

While it’s technically not forbidden to receive calls, answering them requires signal transmission, so it won’t work. Airplane Mode also prevents you from using any cellular data.

How to Turn Airplane Mode On and Off on iPhone and iPad

You  can access Airplane Mode via  Settings  or  Control CenterYou’ll find Airplane Mode  near the top of Settings , but in most cases it’s more convenient to use the Control Center toggle.

To open Control Center on an iPhone with Face ID, swipe down from the top right of your screen. If your iPhone has a physical Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen instead. Once it opens, tap the button with the airplane symbol.

You will notice that the operator settings are immediately lost, along with the Internet signal and reception. These will be replaced by a small airplane silhouette in your status bar.

Do Smartphones Really Affect Aircraft?

Why is Airplane Mode needed?

In 1991, the Federal Communications Commission banned any calls made by passengers on board. This was due to fear that these could interfere with electronic equipment on the aircraft and towers on the ground. In 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration recommended that passengers use their smartphones in Airplane Mode, but use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at a certain altitude if the aircraft supports it.

Since then many have questioned the verdict, but the prevailing logic was wrong in terms of caution, especially when lives were at stake. At least it rests others’ minds and stops any ongoing calls that annoy other passengers.

However, there is no evidence that signals from a portable device caused a crash.

The biggest reason not to use your phone while in the air is that it may interfere with radio signals. This could put annoying pilots and air traffic controllers at risk or even cause them to miss an important message. One or two passengers using their phones may be fine; When you do most of it, you create a lot of radio pollution. According to The Points Guy, a pilot explained:

“You’ve probably heard this noise yourself when a phone is placed next to a speaker. It sounds like” dit-dit-dit-dit “and is pretty annoying. Anyone who has to monitor audio interference in an audio system understands.”

This is rare, but it shows that even sending an SMS can affect a vehicle.

If you’re interested,  here’s a handy NASA report on in- flight problems caused by phones, including fire, device abnormalities, and headphone interference  . In short: Airplane Mode is still vital.

Can You Still Use Wi-Fi with Airplane Mode Enabled?

Turning on Airplane Mode disables Wi-Fi. However, you can manually re-enable Wi-Fi while keeping the other effects of Airplane Mode active. Go to Settings , find Airplane Mode to turn it on , then tap on Wi-Fi and turn on the tick.

Airplane Mode on iPhone | Everything You Need To Know

If you are on an airplane, be sure to ask an attendant before doing this. While some aircraft offer their own Wi-Fi, you should avoid using them on others. When you’re not in an airplane, this is an easy way to cut off all communication except Wi-Fi access.

GPS is a little different in Airplane Mode. It does not transmit signals, only receives. Therefore, turning Airplane Mode on will not disable GPS functionality. However, your phone cannot use nearby Wi-Fi networks to help you understand where you are.

Can You Use Bluetooth With Airplane Mode Enabled?

Like Wi-Fi, you can use Bluetooth with Airplane Mode turned on.  After turning on Settings> Bluetooth Airplane Mode, turn Bluetooth back on to enable it .

You should consult airline staff for safety, as some do not want you to use Bluetooth during takeoff and landing. Your iPhone has a short Bluetooth range of about 30 feet that shouldn’t affect the aircraft’s systems.

What is the Purpose of Airplane Mode on iPhone?

This feature is not only useful when flying to your next vacation. Airplane Mode has all kinds of uses.

It is especially useful if you are trying to concentrate on something important. Airplane Mode quickly stops notifications from distracting you.

Does Airplane Mode Charge Your iPhone Faster?

Yes, your phone charges faster in Airplane Mode!

Try to charge fast or keep running for a little longer, it’s your battery friend. Searching for cell signals, refreshing apps in the background, and other activities all use power. When these functions are disabled, the energy you will use remains in the battery.

It also prevents you from using battery-draining apps, and you probably won’t be keeping the screen on for long as you won’t be able to use most apps.

Will Airplane Mode Help Your iPhone’s Performance?

Airplane Mode has no effect on software performance. However, it may be helpful if you are having trouble receiving a signal or having connectivity issues.

Turning Airplane Mode back on and off can sometimes help you fix carrier settings. Think of it like restarting your smartphone’s network connection.

How Does Airplane Mode Affect Freemium Applications?

We are all familiar with “free apps” loaded with in-app purchases. Even if you don’t buy it yourself by mistake, it may result in high fees unwilling to give your device to kids. Before you give your device to your kids, switching to Airplane Mode will prevent additional purchases or downloads.

Airplane Mode also prevents ads from showing on free apps, as it often requires a network connection. However, you’re out of luck if the game is only online.

Which Apps Are Running And Not Working In Airplane Mode?

Turning off the entire transmission might sound like a big step. Let’s see which apps specifically run in Airplane Mode.

Alarms Still Working in Airplane Mode?

Yes, all functions in the Clock app will continue to work. You can rely on your iPhone to wake you up in the morning. Alternatively, Do Not Disturb is a good way to suppress notifications without going offline.

Do Reminders Work in Airplane Mode?

Yeah. Reminders do not need any signals as they are tied to your device’s own clock. However, reminders you add from other devices (such as a Mac) won’t come to your device as long as it’s in Airplane Mode.

Can I Still Send Email in Airplane Mode?

After you enable Airplane Mode, your Mail app will tell you to turn off the mode or use Wi-Fi.

You can still read messages in your inbox and, in some cases, compose an email. However, it won’t actually send until you disable Airplane Mode or connect to Wi-Fi. You will find messages waiting in your outbox.

If someone claims you have never replied to their message, be sure to check this out.

Do Emergency Service Numbers Work in Airplane Mode?

While in Airplane Mode, you cannot make any calls, including emergency numbers. Make sure you disable it before making a call. When you try to call any number in Airplane Mode, you will see a message reminding you of this.

Can I Check the Weather in Airplane Mode?

No. As weather updates are based on internet connectivity, you will see outdated information in your weather app. Try looking out the window for the latest weather forecast.

Can I Control Stocks in Airplane Mode?

The Stocks app doesn’t work for the same reason as Weather. You can still see the data downloaded before using Airplane Mode. The news will not work either.

Can I Check Notes in Airplane Mode?

Yeah. These are all stored on your phone so it doesn’t require any network connection. However, you cannot AirDrop, iMessage, send emails or share notes on social media unless you’re online.

You can still create new notes, but they won’t sync automatically with your other devices until you disable Airplane Mode.

Can I Check Photos in Airplane Mode?

Your camera will work normally in Airplane Mode, and you can still browse photos stored on your device. These won’t sync to iCloud until you access Wi-Fi again, and you won’t be able to view photos saved in online storage such as Google Photos.

Can I Browse iTunes Or App Store In Airplane Mode?

No, because both require a network connection.

Can I Watch Videos or Listen to Music in Airplane Mode?

If you have already downloaded media, you can watch or listen to that app. Otherwise no. You cannot use YouTube, Spotify and similar services to stream anything you haven’t saved offline.

Will Siri Work in Airplane Mode?

Like all voice assistants, Siri relies on the internet for information, so you won’t be able to use it. However, you can still record Voice Memos.

Can I Play Games in Airplane Mode?

It depends on the game. If your game is fully downloaded and works offline, you can play it. Games that require an internet connection will still not work. Download some of the best offline iPhone games before your next trip so you always have something to play.

Airplane Mode is a Handy Addition to Your Phone

Airplane Mode is a really cool feature on iOS and other mobile operating systems. It can save you time, money and strength when you don’t want to be online or bothered.