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What Among US?

Crewmates can win by completing all missions or by spotting and voting for the rogue from the ship. 

A crewmate was replaced by a parasitic shapeshifter. Their goal is to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship reaches home. 

  • Earn by completing quests or removing all Scams to prepare the ship.
  • React quickly to undo the Rogue’s sabotage.
  • Check the Manager map and Safety cameras to keep track of other Crewmates.
  • Immediately report all corpses to start the discussion about who the Suspicious Impostor is.
  • Call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior.
  • Vote for removing Suspicious Scammers.


  • Kill the crew and frame the people around.
  • Pretend to run missions to align with your crewmates.
  • Sneak through the vents to quickly move around the ship.
  • Use sabotage to cause chaos and split the crew.
  • Close doors to trap and kill victims privately.

among usMultiPlay

The impostor can use sabotage to cause chaos, easier kills and better excuses.

Enjoy cross play between PC, Android and iOS!

While everybody repairs the ship, nobody can speak to conceal their identity. When a body is reported, the surviving crew will openly discuss who they think The Impostor was. The Rogue’s goal is to pretend to be a member of the crew. If the rogue is not removed from the game, everyone returns to the ship’s maintenance until another body is found. If The Impostor votes, the team wins!

PC Controls  :

  • Arrow keys or WASD – Movement
  • E or Space – Usage
  • Q – Kill
  • R – Report body
  • Mouse – Minigame and menu interactions
  • Alt + Enter – Toggle full screen

In the options, you can also choose to use mouse only to mirror mobile controls.

Among US Download

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  • Customization: Choose your color and hat.
  • Lots of game options: Add more crooks, more missions, and much more!
  • Find an online game quickly from the host list.
  • In-game text chat.
  • Rich mismatch integration.
  • Cross-platform game between PC, Android and iOS!



    • Operating System:  Windows 7 SP1 +
    • Memory:  1 GB RAM
    • DirectX:  Version 10
    • Storage:  250 MB available space

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