Android Phone Acceleration-Definitive Methods 2021

A newly purchased Android device is of course fast. Storage space decreases and your phone starts to slow down and freeze. Thanks to the Android phone acceleration guide we have prepared, you will see your device noticeably accelerated.   

Android Phone Acceleration Methods

1- Clearing Cached Data

Phone applications constantly cache small pieces of data that will increase your phone’s performance. But if your device’s storage space is low, the cached data will start to do more harm than good. These steps will help you on how to clear this.

  • Tap Settings> the app you want to clear the Apps Cache for. Tap on Wipe data and Clear cache and hit OK.
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2-Disabling Android Animations

Android Animations make all transition effects and interactions on your device more fluid. As your phone starts to slow down over time, the animation transition effects start to appear to freeze. When the animation flows slow down, your transitions between applications start to slow down. It is time to turn off these animations .

Step 1: Activate developer options on your Android device .

  • The settings menu may vary depending on your device android version. In general, Developer Options are activated as follows.
  • Press Settings> About Phone> Build number 7 times and you will be notified that you are a developer.
  • When you go back to settings, you will see Developer Options.
  • Settings> About Device (About Phone)> Software information> Press the build number 7 times now you will be a developer notification.
  • When you go back to settings, you will see Developer Options.


Step 2: Tap on developer options. If it is off, activate it.

Scroll down in Developer options and turn animations off by going to Animation scale options.


3-Uninstall / Disable Unused Applications

On Android smartphones, preinstalled and unused apps continue to run in the background. This means extra RAM and storage wasted for our device. We’ll show you how to remove unnecessary apps we don’t use to get rid of this heavy load and speed up our device.

  • Tap Settings> Applications> All> the application we want to uninstall.
  • You can uninstall the application by clicking Uninstall or Disable under the application.

We have come to the end of our Android phone acceleration guide that we have prepared for you. 

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