Applications of Finding Clothes from Picture (Take Photo, Find Outfit)

Have you ever wanted a Shazam-like service to describe a cute dress or cool shoes in public? This is no longer a difficult dream, as you can now take your phone and point your camera at the clothes.

Here are the best apps to find clothes by picture;

1.Find Clothes From Image Using Google Lens

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Google’s Lens image recognition tool can identify clothing, personal accessories such as necklaces, or any other form of clothing. This is an easy way to find a shirt you saw in the city.

You don’t even need to take a picture to use it. Bring the piece of clothing to the frame of the viewfinder and Google Lens will highlight it with a small blue icon if paired successfully.

After touching this circle, the app opens a Google Shopping page (itself a collection platform). This provides links to multiple websites such as Amazon and Walmart.

Also, Google Lens works with outfits. When you scan another person’s appearance, it detects all the items they are wearing individually.

If you are an Android user, there are several ways to call Google Lens. You can install the custom app, press the Lens option when viewing an image in Google Photos, or tap the Lens button in the Google Assistant. iOS users will find Google Lens functions in the search bar of the main Google app and Google Photos.

Note that Google Lens is not limited to recognizing clothes.

Download:   Google Lens for Android (Free)
Download:  Google lens for iOS (Free)


2. CamFind: Another great app for finding clothes

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CamFind is a visual search engine platform that can find clothes from images. The process is simple: take a picture, give the engine a few seconds to process and you will see the result. Unlike Google Lens, CamFind is somewhat weak and can usually take up to a minute to view an image.

Once complete, it offers shopping links, a description of the product, and related YouTube videos. CamFind also hosts a social network so you can share your results with other users.

You can also browse what others are looking for to understand fashion trends and connect with like-minded shoppers. Fortunately, there is a special mode in case you are not satisfied with the community features.


Download:   CamFind for AndroidiOS  (Free)


3.See Outfits on Social Media with Pinterest Lens

Pinterest’s mobile apps have a visual search tool called Lens that allows you to search thousands of posts of the social network by images. Like Google Lens, this can identify multiple items like the entire outfit.


What’s more, Pinterest will show shopping links for matching products. For this functionality, Pinterest has partnered with the fashion and lifestyle shopping platform ShopStyle. Therefore, you won’t find links to Amazon or other commercial websites.

Pinterest Lens also has a handy utility called Lens the Look. It basically lets you explore outfit ideas with any outfit in your current wardrobe as a starting point.

Say you have a beautiful dress and want to find new combinations that you can try using it. You can upload a photo of the dress to Pinterest and see related outfit ideas.

Download:   Pinterest for AndroidiOS  (Free)

5. Find your next outfit with a picture at ASOS

The apps from British fashion retailer ASOS offer a simple reverse image search option to find photo clothes. You can take a new photo or upload from local storage. Running your query takes only a few seconds and is correct most of the time.

After your image is processed, the app brings up the styles that are most similar to the image you are looking for. It has no other feature; it is also limited to defining only one garment at a time. If you find something you like, you’ll be happy to know that ASOS hosts 850 brands and delivers them to 242 countries.

Download:   ASOS for AndroidiOS  (Free)


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