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Ashampoo Undeleter License Key

Ashampoo Undeleter License Key

Get a free license for Ashampoo Undeleter license code . This software helps you recover accidentally deleted or lost files on your computer.

Ashampoo Undeleter is a data recovery software. It is especially useful when users accidentally delete or lose important documents, photos, or other files on their computers.

Software such as Ashampoo Undeleter serial code scans and attempts to retrieve lost data on storage devices on your computer (such as hard disks or USB drives). However, remember that the possibility of recovering deleted files continues as long as the file is overwritten. Therefore, it is important to start data recovery as soon as you notice data loss.

Ashampoo Undeleter Features

The main features of Ashampoo Undeleter can be:

  • Easy to Use : Thanks to its user-friendly interface, it allows users to easily perform file recovery.
  • Deep Scan : The program scans your storage device deeply and tries to find lost data to retrieve deleted files.
  • Different File Types : Ashampoo Undeleter can recover various file types, these files can include documents, photos, videos and music files.
  • Quick Scan : The quick scan option allows users to find lost files quickly.
  • Firewall : Provides a firewall to prevent deleted files from being accidentally overwritten, thus increasing the likelihood of files being recovered.
  • Retrieval Process : You can easily retrieve the found files and save them wherever you want.
  • Supported Storage Devices : Ashampoo Undeleter can recover data from hard drives, SSDs, USB drives and other storage devices.
  • Preview : You can preview files before they are recovered, so you can make sure you are recovering the right files.
  • Fast and Reliable : It allows you to get fast results thanks to fast scanning and recovery processes.
  • Updates : Software developers release updates regularly so that the software’s performance and data recovery capabilities are kept up to date.

Ashampoo Undeleter is a useful data recovery tool that helps users recover accidentally deleted or lost files.

Ashampoo Undeleter License Code Features

  • The license is for lifetime use.
  • Updates to newer versions are not provided.
  • There is no free technical support.
  • For personal use only.

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