Automatic backup when USB disk is inserted

we will provide you with information about automatic backup to the computer when you connect storage areas such as flash memory, flash disk, hard disk to the computer with a USB connection.

For those who are constantly dealing with computers, which we carry in our pockets, in our bags, there are situations that require automatic backups when we connect them to the computer for the safety of small portable storage areas, so that the data is not lost in it.

Important information, in order not to lose the files and not to delete the data, when you connect this external memory to the computer, you may be asked to back up the information in the disk to a folder of your choice on the computer. What software is needed for this?

Automatic backup when USB disk is inserted

Automatic flash memory backup

When you connect portable external memories to the computer, this process does not take effect immediately, you will have to wait for a while. The software we can use for this process is “ USB Flash Copy ”.

With this software, it will take automatic flash memory backup to your computer. Thus, your data in the memory will be stored safely by making a backup.

This software is free and very useful little software. It will immediately recognize the flash memory profile you created and the usb memory you connected and start the backup process.

You can have this software on the “ ” address and download it to your computer and start using it.

You can also use the UsbCapture software, which we recommend and recommend to you, for automatic backup of flash memory .

In this topic , we tried to support you by giving two different software names related to flash memory automatic backup . For related questions, you can send us your questions in the comments section of our page.

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