Axolotl in Minecraft: where to find them and how to tame them

Even though Minecraft is more than ten years old, it keeps getting new content updates, patches to fix certain details, and more. Released last summer 2021 Version 1.17 on all platforms where the game is available, and brought a bunch of new improvements, blocks and creatures, especially goats and the salamander-like axolotol. This article is all about where to find these axolotls and how to tame them to keep these cute and colorful aquatic creatures as pets.

Where are the axolotls and how to find them in survival mode?

First of all, they are not easy to find because their natural habitat is deep water, which is what Minecraft does with the Blocks below Y:63 is translated as well in caves, bubble pillars and other dark areas.

Axolotl in their natural environmentAxolotl in their natural environment

To find them naturally you have to be patient and explore deep caves below level 63always assuming that these are areas with water blocks where the axolotl can swim freely (as you can see in the image above).

How to find Axolotl in Minecraft creative mode

This is the easiest method. To find Axolotl Eggs or find them directly in their own bucket, simply click on the ellipses on the bottom bar of the screen to bring up the creative mode menu. After that, select the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen (to search the catalog for what you want) and enter the command “Axolotl”.

Creative mode menu in MinecraftCreative mode menu in Minecraft

Both the egg and the bucket will appear there. You click on them to add them to your inventory and equip one or the other (both contain an Axolotl). After that, just click on any surface (not in the air) and an adult axolotl of a random color will hatch there automatically. Since you have infinite Eggs in Creative, you can also have infinite Axolotls of your choice.

Axolotl Owner in MinecraftAxolotl Owner in Minecraft

Method to tame Axolotl in Minecraft

Once you’ve found them, if they’re swimming in the water, you can store in a metal bucket, if you want to take them to your base as pets. Here is the recipe for such a bucket, which can be easily built with three iron ingots.

How to craft a bucket in MinecraftHow to craft a bucket in Minecraft

Once you’ve built the bucket, pick it up (by clicking on its icon in the bottom bar of the inventory) and when you get close to the animal in question, the screen capture option will appear. As soon as you select it, it becomes available to you in the cube. You can approach the area of ​​water where you want to drop it and then flip the bucket to release it.

Picking up axolotls in a bucket in MinecraftPicking up axolotls in a bucket in Minecraft

by the way Her favorite food is tropical fish. So if you have found this type of aquatic animal before and keep them in another metal bucket, you can use them as bait to attract and feed them when you keep them in the pond, pool or water area of ​​your base. To do this, you need to equip the bucket with the tropical fish (or a loose tropical fish) in your hand, approach the axolotls and click the “Feed” button as shown in the image to feed them.

Feeding an Axolotl in MinecraftFeeding an Axolotl in Minecraft

By feeding the axolotls, you encourage them to breed and having axolotl babies. You’ll know if you did it right when hearts appear on their heads. They will grow closer to each other and soon a baby will hatch out of them. An easy way to add to our axolotl family without having to search everyone. Two of them are enough to form the rest.

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