Badoo: what is it, what is it good for and how does it work?

If you want to meet new people and are thinking about using apps for that, you’ve probably already heard of Badoo heard. But it’s likely that you’re not entirely clear on what this tool actually consists of and how it works, so you’re not entirely sure whether you want to use it or not.

When it comes to dating apps, Tinder is probably the most popular and the one used by the largest number of users. But the reality is that Badoo has been around before and it still attracts a large number of followers.

so if you want to install an app that is quite activebut Tinder doesn’t quite convince you, Badoo is a good option.

what is badoo

As mentioned, Badoo is an app to meeting people over the internet. While you can search for people from anywhere, the main idea is to meet people from your area.

As with any social network, each Badoo user has their own Profile, with photo, name, age and some personal information, eg about his/her interests. Other people visiting this profile can start a conversation, so you can expand your own horizons to meet new people.

Badoo home screen for messages and activity notificationsBadoo home screen for messages and activity notifications

In the application itself there are functions for calls and video callsso that you can have more personal contact with other users without having to disclose personal information.

What Badoo is good for

Although some people use Badoo to make friends, it’s actually a tool for making friends Flirting and to find partners or dates. It puts you in touch with other people close to you who have similar interests and ages to you so you can start a conversation. If the chemistry is right in those first few conversations, you always have the option of meeting in person later to start a love story or just have fun.

Mask to fill in your Badoo user profile detailsMask to fill in your Badoo user profile details

How Badoo works

Badoo shows profiles of people nearby who match what you are looking for based on your profile. If you like a profile, you can like it or start a conversation directly. If that person liked you, the app will let you know that you’ve made a match, but unlike Tinder you don’t have to make a matchto start a conversation. Once you start chatting with a person, you can call, send audio, send photos, or communicate as you please. And if you find someone annoying, you always have the option to block that person.

Page that shows you which users have liked you on BadooPage that shows you which users have liked you on Badoo

You can access Badoo through the Android and iOS apps or through a web browser. There you can log in with your Facebook account or with the username and password you created when you created your profile.

Once you’re logged in, you can use your Create Badoo profile by entering your basic information, upload photos that you want to use to make a first impression, sync your profiles with other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Then you can start meeting that person who could be the love of your life or just a friend to hang out with.

Badoo’s main tools are the following:

  • Badoo search engine: Thanks to the search engine, you can find people you know either directly by name or by email address.
  • news: If someone has dared to write to you, the messages in this tab are marked with a number that indicates how many new messages we have.
  • Visits and Favorites: In this section you can see who has visited your profile and who has added you to their favorites list.
  • Profile: You can access your profile at any time and make any necessary changes. You can also look at other people’s profiles to see if they’re a good match for you.

Although you can use Badoo completely for free, there are also paid options that give you access to some additional tools.

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