Best Battery Life Extension Optimizations on Samsung Galaxy

Did you know that Samsung Galaxy’s battery lasts much longer than you think? Here, with the optimizations in this article, you can greatly increase the battery life!

Effective Solutions to Samsung Galaxy’s Battery Problem!

Has your Galaxy’s battery life decreased compared to previous times when you updated your phone, reset it to factory settings, after using it for a while, or for any other reason? Then you are in the right article. In this article, I have included optimizations on how to use your phone’s battery in the most efficient way. I hope it really works for you.

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Perform Battery Calibration on Samsung Galaxy


Repair your Samsung Galaxy smartphone battery by calibrating it. Ensure better battery usage, especially by minimizing errors in the battery gauge. There are two versions with no root and one with root.

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Use the Fast Charging Feature of your Samsung Galaxy in Rare Times


Unfortunately, the effect of continuous fast charging on the battery is negatively reflected, which permanently shortens the battery life. I suggest you read my articles about fast charging below:

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Get Rid of Unnecessary Components That Won’t Be Deleted!


There are many active components in the phone due to the intense advertising and functionality of the Samsung Galaxy. These components may not be necessary for everyone. Isn’t it time to get rid of constantly running apps that you’ve never used? You can read the following article for this:

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Most Effective Suggestions for Saving Battery in Galaxy


With a few tweaks to your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can make an incredible contribution to battery life. The related article is in the link below:

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