Best Free Fire weapons: which ones to choose to win

In our Free Fire games we need to know how we choose the best weapons in every moment. To do this we must have at least one optimum for each type of distance: short, medium and long. Here are some of the best.

melee weapons

For melee combat, we should ideally use a shotgun, since its shots deal much more damage than any other melee weapon. Virtually all shotguns do quite a bit of damage in melee, but the one that drains the most health is this M1887.

M1887, the deadliest shotgunM1887, the deadliest shotgun

If we’re going to be shooting at close range but medium range, a submachine gun might be best. Among the best options are the Thompson and the MP40both of which have a high rate of fire and also deal a lot of damage.

When we are in melee combat we can use a katana which is quite deadly.

Mid-Range Weapons

For medium distances, using an assault rifle is ideal. That SCAR is one of the best options as it is very versatile and stable. If we can’t find that weapon, we can find that instead M4A1 use.

The M4A1 is one of the most versatile riflesThe M4A1 is one of the most versatile rifles

For medium to short ranges we can use a machine gun, while for medium to long ranges we can use that FAMAS can use, which does a lot of damage.

In certain situations we can also do one rocket launcher use it as long as we see that the enemy isn’t too far away for us to take cover and not too close to damage us with our own missile.

ranged weapons

For long-range combat, it’s best to use a sniper rifle. All do a lot of damage, but the fastest is this one KAR98K. You can also opt for a semi-auto, which does slightly less damage and has a better rate of fire than the SKS.

The KAR98K deals a lot of damage and reloads quicklyThe KAR98K deals a lot of damage and reloads quickly

Now you know the right gear to help you win this game.

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