Best Smoking Cessation Applications

Smoking addiction causes serious health problems such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, as well as COPD. So, what are the smoking cessation methods? We have listed the applications that will allow you to end this addiction.

What Are the Best Free Smoking Cessation Programs?

  • Smoke Free
  • QuitNow
  • Stop Smoking
  • Cook
  • Get Rich or Die Smoking
  • Smoking Log
  • Quit Smoking – Smokerstop

Applications that will help you quit smoking are listed above. These programs are the best answers to the question of what are the best free smoking cessation programs. You can find more detailed information about the program below.

1. Smoke Free

Developed for people who want to take a step towards a healthy life, Smoke Free helps to end smoking addiction. There are more than 40 scientifically proven smoking cessation techniques in the app, which is offered free of charge.

The application, which has a very successful interface, gives expert advice for you to quit smoking permanently. Smoke Free, where you can record the days you spend without smoking, also includes a reward system. Success badges in the application increase the motivation of people.

Quitting smoking not only has a positive effect on health but also on finances. The application, which has been downloaded millions of times around the world, also shows the money savings achieved by quitting smoking.

Best Smoking Cessation Applications

2. QuitNow

QuitNow is a very successful application developed for people who want to end their addiction and breathe fresh air. The application, which records the time spent without cigarettes as days, hours and minutes, also shows the amount of cigarettes that have not been smoked.

There are over 80 achievements in QuitNow, which also shows how much savings have been made in total along with quitting smoking. Achievements such as “No smoking for 1 day”, “Super powers” and “First cross on the calendar” in the application increase motivation.

The application, which is very easy to use, shows the development process of your health based on the World Health Organization data. In this way, you can see the positive developments in your health in the days you spend without smoking.

3. Stop Smoking

Showing the amount of money saved, Stop Smoking enables smoking cessation with scientifically proven techniques. There is also a community in the application, which aims to increase the level of motivation with achievements.

There is also the time spent without cigarettes in the application, which is used by many users. You can download the free application to your mobile device and start using it and take a step towards a healthy life.

4. Cook

Inspired by cognitive and behavioral therapy, Kwit allows you to track the number of days you spend without cigarettes and how much you save. You can also see the developments in your body after quitting smoking in the free application.

There are also motivation cards in Kwit. The application, which is very easy to use, has a premium version as well as a free version.

5. Get Rich or Die Smoking

There are two different widgets in Get Rich or Die Smoking, which increases the motivation level with its advanced reward system. The app, which offers detailed statistics, shows the time spent without cigarettes and the amount of money saved, just like any other app.

Get Rich or Die Smoking

6. Smoking Log

Thanks to Smoking Log , which has a very successful user interface, you can put an end to your smoking habit. The application with widget support provides a report showing your progress over time. You can download the application for free and start using it.

7.Quit Smoking – Smokerstop

Using the science-based motivational approach, Quit Smoking – Smokerstop helps you quit smoking. The application provides an increase in motivation by showing the developments in the body after quitting smoking.

You can download the application, which attracts attention with its very small file size, for free. By starting to use the application, you can take a step towards a healthy life.


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