Blue WhatsApp Plus Download Apk Latest Version 2022

Blue WhatsApp Plus Download Apk 2022

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. It’s simple to use and a lot of fun. However, did you know that there is a specific version of WhatsApp called Blue WhatsApp Plus? Blue WhatsApp Plus App has some great features that are not available in regular WhatsApp. The app is a modified version of Meta’s official WhatsApp Messenger developed by mhdm, a famous Android moderator.

Modified Android has some nice features to explore. While it is a modified app from WhatsApp with options not usually found in official WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp Plus gives you the ability to customize WhatsApp to your liking.


You just downloaded the new Blue WhatsApp Plus app. You open it with excitement, but are disappointed to find that it looks exactly like the regular WhatsApp app you’ve been using for months. What’s the point of downloading a new app if it doesn’t do anything different? Wrong question! Blue WhatsApp Plus is not another copy of original WhatsApp. It has some great features that set it apart from other messaging apps and we want to share them with you. Read on to find out what makes Blue WhatsApp Plus so unique! So let’s have a look!

Fast and Stable

One of the smoothest and fastest mode WhatsApp you will ever use in your life.

Backup and Restore

You can take a backup of your chats and media and restore them to another device.

Freeze the last view

Freeze your last seen and check the last seen activity of others without hiding yours.



Custom Sliders

You can use any scrollbar in your UI.

Blue WhatsApp gives you the freedom to change the scrollbar and customize the app interface according to your preference.

You can also automatically change the scrollbar by installing themes from the theme store.

solid package

However, you can use the official WhatsApp application. You can also use WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp and iOS WhatsApp together on the same device.

All these modified WhatsApp messengers have different codenames, allowing you to use them simultaneously.


Customize your home screen or chat window.

Blue WhatsApp is just like WhatsApp Plus and you can customize themes, icons, wallpapers etc. you can change it.

Choose from a wide variety of icons and style your WhatsApp Messenger.

You can also backup your existing WhatsApp customization and restore it later.

Exotic Features

Blue WhatsApp Plus has some exotic features that no one else can offer. You can change the colors and themes of the WhatsApp application, use the Internet on the phone with all applications except WhatsApp, so that no one bothers you. Blue WhatsApp allows you to close chats with a secret word, customize the privacy for each conversation, or see the deleted chats you spoke in public. You can also block deleted messages and received notifications if anyone deletes a message.

If someone bothers you by calling WhatsApp, you can disable the voice call. As the name suggests, you get a Blue WhatsApp Plus version with the following features:

  • Hide online activity.
  • One-click DND mode.
  • Separate Chats and Group windows.
  • Option to choose “Who Can Call You”.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest version 2022

Version Name: V9.05

File Size: 52 MB

System: Works on Android 2.3.3 and above devices

Updated: 1 day ago

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