Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with iCloud Bypass DNS

Bypassing the activation lock of your iCloud devices with iCloud Bypass DNS Server is a popular solution for using your locked iPhone or iPad devices. It is the dns web interface used by approximately 30 million people.

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Have you purchased a second-hand iPhone/iPad and have iCloud Activation Lock enabled? Or do you have an Apple device but forgot iCloud password? Either way, you cannot use locked devices without iCloud activation.

You can try contacting Apple customer support, but they will not be able to assist you directly without user authentication. Many questions are asked and they may request original iOS device payment receipt even after the device has been authenticated .

One of the best free ways to avoid these complications is to unlock your Apple device using iCloud Bypass DNS

How to Break iPhone Activation Lock

For those who forget the activation lock, it is an alternative way to activate your apple devices that won’t unlock.

With this method, you will be able to use iPad or iPhone. Watch videos, browse websites, play games, chat with friends, listen to music and radio on your iCloud Locked device.

Major Steps to break iCloud Bypass DNS Activation Lock:

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with iCloud Bypass DNS

Step 1: On the screen, select your country and language from the menu.

Step 2: After proceeding, you will be redirected to the WIFI setting page asking you to connect to a WIFI network. Look for the ‘i’ symbol next to the WIFI network.

Step 3: You need to connect to the WIFI network. Once you find the ‘i’ symbol, go to the connection settings and select Forget This Network.

Step 4: Now click ‘i’ and enter a DNS server to bypass iCloud Activation Lock against DNS tab based on your location. Choose one from the list below:

iCloud Bypass DNS Server IP Addresses

  • USA: (You can use this dns address in Turkey.)
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • South America: 35,199,88.219
  • Australia and Oceania: 35,189,47.23

Step 5: After entering the DNS IP, tap Back on the left of the screen and turn on WIFI, select the WIFI network from the list and enter the password.

Step 6: You will see the next page option, don’t click it and hit Back. You are now on the iCloud Bypass screen.

Step 7 : By clicking the “Select” button, you can access music, internet, camera, etc. You can access all social media applications for free.

You managed to bypass the iCloud activation lock! 

iCloud Bypass DNS Features;

  • DNS method, no proxy.
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Secure connection.
  • Free usage.
  • Local server availability.
  • Supports all iOS versions of Apple iPad and iPhone.
  • Advanced menus with the most popular websites.
  • It uses the DNS method, not the proxy method.
  • It uses the full speed of your internet.

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