Change and customize icons in Windows 11

A great way to Customize the look of Windows 11, is changing the icons. What are your options? Take a look at the methods we have presented in this article to give your computer a unique look.

How to change a folder icon in Windows 11

The first place you can change icons in Windows 11 is in a folder. It’s as simple as finding it in File Explorer or on the desktop and right-clicking on it. Choose in the context menu Properties. or. Characteristics.

Open a folder's propertiesOpen a folder’s properties

A pop-up window will appear on the screen where under the tab Customize the button Change icon find. Click on it to continue.

Changing the folder iconChanging the folder icon

Use the icon selector to choose the icon you like the most. Will of course the standard options of the operating system are displayed. However, if you want to use a custom icon, press Browse or. Search and select an ICO file from storage.

Choose a new icon for the folderChoose a new icon for the folder

When you’re done, click OK and then click Apply or Take overto change your folder icon.

This is what the folder with the changed icon looks likeThis is what the folder with the changed icon looks like

Repeat this process with other directories to customize as many icons as you like.

How to change an application icon in Windows 11

Another option is the icon of the applications, or rather theirs connections to change. The steps are very similar to those shown above. Go to the Shortcut Properties section.

Properties of a shortcutProperties of a shortcut

Click on the tab Shortcut or shortcut” on the button Change Icon (change icon).

Change shortcut iconChange shortcut icon

In this case, all symbols contained in the program in question are displayed. Choose the one you like the most or open the browser and choose one with the button Browse or Search. Remember that it must be an ICO format file.

Choose a new icon for the shortcutChoose a new icon for the shortcut

Apply the changes so that changes the appearance of the shortcut. Note that pinning the link to the start or taskbar will revert to the default icon. These changes only apply to desktop or browser.

How to change desktop icons in Windows 11

We’re coming to the home stretch of this guide by going over Desktop-Symbole speak. You can change them in Windows Settings in the Themes section under Personalization.

Open the Themes section in the configuration applicationOpen the Themes section in the configuration application

Click there Desktop icon settings for the settings of the desktop icons.

Desktop icon settingsDesktop icon settings

At the top, choose which shortcuts to show on the desktop. Then you select it and change its icon with the button Change icon.

Change desktop iconsChange desktop icons

If you want to restore the default icons, follow the same instructions but click the button Restore Default (restore standard).

How to create custom icons in Windows 11

Icoconvert is a website that allows you to convert any JPG, PNG or BMP image up to 50MB into an ICO file. This is the type of file you can use to assign to your folders, shortcuts, or desktop links. Just go to their website, select the image file and upload it.

Online custom icon converterOnline custom icon converter

You can then crop the image and download it in ICO format so you can use it as an icon in Windows 11.

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