Clearing Cache on Android

You must be wondering what is the system cache on Android, today we will talk about it and show you how to clear it. All smartphones store cache, which offers many possibilities and advantages. You may not have thought about its purpose until now, but the truth is that without this resource, the smartphone would be much more complicated and slow to use.

The system cache is not a physical element that we can touch, but a part of the software necessary for the development of all the activities we carry out. It coexists in internal memory, although it has a temporary association with the RAM of smartphones for the same purpose to speed up operations.

What is system cache?

Cache is known as fast access memory in computing, which allows us to access previously stored data in a shorter time. As we mentioned, it is part of the main memory and grows according to the needs of each user in smartphones.

Without the presence of the cache, the phone’s memory would be reduced to RAM and we would have to log into our favorite services daily or even choose the system’s favorite language. In smartphones, the cache is divided into system and applications, creating two different partitions. In addition, the cache is divided into each application and system partition so that we can delete it when needed.

Thanks to this memory accumulated in the smartphone, the phone does not need to redo the operations that it already knows, and in this way, we save resources, time and even energy on the smartphone.


How much space does the system cache occupy on the smartphone?

The system does not give us any information about how much space the system cache occupies on the smartphone. Considering that this memory is divided into several parts, we can test ourselves in each application, but we cannot know exactly.

Another way to see the system cache of the smartphone is to enter Settings > Storage. Unfortunately, however, there is no way to know how much space is actually taken up by system items and the cache built over time.

Can we clear the cache?

Yes we can. While we won’t have any issues with the files we’ve saved, which will cause the system and/or apps to be reused as if the smartphone is new, it’s recommended to protect the important ones, especially when clearing the system cache, as any possible data loss can cause problems.


How to clear system cache on Android?

clear app cache

  • First of all go to Settings.
  • We go to the Applications section.
  • Now we enter what we want to clear the cache.
  • We tap on Storage and Cache.
  • And then we tap on clear cache.

Clear the system cache

  • We turn off the cell phone.
  • Then press and hold the volume down and power buttons.
  • Click on wipe data and cache.
  • Then click on Clear cache.
  • Finally, click Yes.
  • Finally, we choose to reboot and the smartphone will turn on again.
  • In other cases, we would have to perform a hard reset, which, in addition to deleting the system cache and all applications, will also delete all elements of the system.

Is it good to constantly clear the cache?

The option to clear the cache is sometimes a solution to problems and allows us to free up space. However, we don’t consistently recommend it as it makes your phone run faster in common scenarios.

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