Computer Heating Problem Solve

How Does Computer Heating Problem Occur?

Laptops are the most common type of computer that overheats. Because laptops do not have as large a volume as desktop computers. Of course, this does not mean that desktop computers will not get hot. But most overheating problems occur in laptop type computers.

The heating problem of your computer can be due to many reasons. Some of these problems may be hardware-related, while others may be software-related. It would not be correct to attribute the computer overheating problem to a single cause.

Many reasons such as the amount of years your computer has been used, hardware quality, software used, and the way it is used can affect the heating of your computer. These are reasons that can be easily overcome. The sooner we find the cause of the computer overheating problem, the sooner we can solve the overheating problem. 

Is Computer Overheating Harmful?

The degree of computer heating is important. It would not be right for us to give a direct answer on this issue. Because computers automatically turn themselves off when they reach a certain temperature. 

The reason they turn themselves off automatically is to avoid any damage to the computer hardware. If the computer exceeds its maximum temperature, the solder on your components will likely melt from the heat. It can melt not only the solder but also the plastics inside your computer.

In order to avoid such situations, your computer automatically shuts itself off when it overheats. But continuous computer heating can cause malfunctions in hardware. You may also encounter situations such as stuttering and freezing on your computer. 

In order to keep your computer cooler, I prepared a few overheating problem solving tactics. If you do the following items one by one, your computer will reach a lower temperature than usual.

1-Change Your Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a creamy substance that establishes the connection between the processor  and the processor fan . When your CPU fan spins, it cools the metal under the fan. The cooling metal bonds with the processor with the help of thermal paste and cools the processor.

Events such as drying and aging of the thermal paste in between cause the cooling of the metal to disconnect from the processor and cause the processor to heat up. The processor, which produces heat continuously inside your computer, spreads heat inside the case and causes the other parts of the computer to heat up. This is sufficient for the computer to warm up.

You may encounter problems such as freezing and stuttering on the computer. That’s why you need to change your thermal paste regularly. If you change it every year it will be enough for you. One of the biggest computer overheating problems is the aging of the thermal paste. Thermal paste, which we take for granted, is actually a heat-controlling factor. The more care you take, the more it will keep your computer cool.

2-Do a Computer Clean

Regular computer cleaning can be enough to prevent the computer from overheating. If you do not clean for a long time, the inside of the computer case may turn into a garbage. In most computers, if you don’t clean for a long time, the fan will fill up with layers of dust. As the powder becomes a layer, it keeps the temperature and does not release it. This is not just for the fan.

When the top of the motherboard is covered with dust, it keeps the heat inside like a blanket. Since the heat cannot escape, it can also heat other components and cause the computer to slow down.

Clean your computer thoroughly with cleaning brushes. You can blow air or use a vacuum cleaner to remove any remaining dust. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors affecting the temperature of the computer. Cleaning a computer means both signing a quiet system and working with a spacious system. Computer cleaning is an action that should not be skipped.

3-Do not use heavy programs for a long time

Using heavy programs can force your computer after a while. Since your struggling computer consumes a lot of performance, it will automatically start to warm up. Laptop users know that when a heavy program is opened, the laptop fan starts to speed up.

Because the forced computer gets hot, the fans start to work faster in order to cool it. Be careful not to use heavy programs. If you need to use it, use it periodically.

When you open heavy programs, ram, processor and video card are used more than normal. Overuse causes it to work very quickly and for a longer period of time. It consumes more energy and emits more heat. In fact, we can give an example from ourselves.

Our body temperature is normal while walking. But if we start running all of a sudden, we consume more energy and our body starts to warm up.

It’s the same with computers. The programs we use for this should not be too many programs. We should not use programs that use a lot of ram for a long time. It will already twitch. It is very difficult to use the program that makes muscle. In short, stay away from heavy programs.

4-Leave All Sides of Your Computer Uncovered

In order to eliminate the computer heating problem, the case should not be closed  while using the computer . Of course you may have put the computer on its desk, there is no problem with it. But otherwise, if your computer’s fans are blocked, heat will build up inside.

Fans are responsible for expelling the hot air inside your computer. If you block the fans in a way that cuts off the heat and air flow, the hot air will be trapped inside and its temperature will increase as long as it stays inside.

The presence of hot air inside means that other components are heated. In order to solve the heating problem of your computer, you need to be sensitive about this issue. Otherwise, some components of your computer may cause problems.

5-Install an Extra Fan

This did not occur to many people or did not want to deal with it. This method will work most of the time. If your computer is getting hot, an additional fan may be enough to cool your computer. We said that fans are used to dissipate the heat. An additional fan means more heat released outside. If you can install an additional fan, the heat flow will increase and you will be able to cool your computer.

6-Leave One Cover of the Computer Open

Keeping a cover of your computer open can sometimes be dangerous. If there is a small child or animal in the house, any of its limbs can be caught by the computer fan from the open part. With this in mind, you can open a cover of the computer. Keeping the open door always facing the wall will prevent possible danger. When you open the cover of your computer, there will be more heat flow and your computer will breathe.

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