Copying Text from Photo

Copying Text from Photo

Take a photo of a worksheet or a group note to convert to text? Maybe these are notes from all lectures or long documents that would take too long to transcribe. In short, writing them by hand can be quite a painstaking task. The solution is how to copy text from photo, find the way around it. Is there really such a solution?

Yes, there is definitely! There are multiple ways to convert an image or photo to text to be edited on computer, smartphones and tablets. I will now show you one of these ways.

Google Photos makes it easy to copy and paste text from a photo. You can do it on iPhone and Android phones.

Google Photos is one of the best and easiest photo management apps. You don’t need to back up your photos to use Google’s great features. You can detect the text in the photo thanks to the Google Lens capabilities built into the application.

Copy Text from Photo on iPhone and Android

First, you will need a photo with text on your device. This could be a photo or a screenshot of anything in the real world.  Open Google Photos on your iPhone  ,  iPad  or  Android device and select the photo.

Then there are two options. For one, Google Photos will immediately detect the text and say “ Copy Text From Image “. If it appears, tap it.

Copying Text from Photo

If the text on the photo is not clear, you need to launch Google Lens yourself. In this case, tap on the “ Lens ” icon in the bottom toolbar .

Copying Text from Photo

Google Lens scans the image and highlights the text it detects. You can now select this text as you would anywhere else.

After selecting the desired text, tap on the “ Copy Text ” option from the submenu .

Copying Text from Photo

This much! The selected text has now been copied to your clipboard! You can paste it anywhere you want, just like you would with regular text. That’s a great time-saving tip for transferring text. 

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