Disable These Windows 11 Settings Immediately

Disable These Windows 11 Settings Immediately
Disable These Windows 11 Settings Immediately
Today we take a look at what windows 11 settings to turn off. Windows 11 have loads of unwanted settings that can be disabled or turned off and I will show you the most important windows settings to turn off.
Right-click the CLSID key, select the new menu, and select the key option.
Key Name {86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}


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31 thoughts on “Disable These Windows 11 Settings Immediately”

  1. Looky what I found last night – The System Detected An Overrun Of A Stack based Buffer In This Application Windows 10. Took some time to find a solution. Still not know what caused such things. I even had to turn off my Security for the Start Up as there may be an issue there also – Paid Bitdefender

  2. Hi Brian, I ran in Win 11 this setting-HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWARECLASSESCLSID
    Right-click the CLSID key, select the new menu, and select the key option.
    Key Name {86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}

    InprocServer32 and after double-clicking on the newly created file where no value needs to be changed, the two blue files are not created, do you know why? Thank you.

  3. Uninstalling apps is useless, the will be reinstalled during Windows update or an upgrade unless you force the uninstall with Revo Uninstaller.
    You don't need to uninstall these apps as long as you don't open them the will not be running in the background.

  4. Just because you dont want it, doesnt mean others dont. So please explain your reasoning behind why you disable things so that people can make an informed decision and know why. I know you did with chat but not all.

  5. Very useful video. I managed to get the start menu in Windows 11 Pro looking and acting like I want with Open Shell. Open Shell isn't quite well optimized for Win 11 yet but it's making progress. I prefer the look and feel of Windows 7 start menu over all others. I appreciate the tips on StartAllBack for Windows 11. It is worth a few dollars to get the interface through such a simple piece of software. I'll be using it on the next Windows 11 installation I do.

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  7. One three of my new PCs is well over 15k in hardware and windows 11 Pro has slowed my PC down to the point I was; until seeing this Vid change back to windows 10 Pro with a new install and key to completely wipe windows 11 Pro from the drive and reformat and start with another SSD for a new install. I just in the last 1 hour posted this text to Maraksot78 on youtube about windows: How to Copy Your Games From one Computer to Another – Uplay, Steam, Epic Games & Origin Launchers! My post is as follows: Thanks for the help. I have been going straight nuts thinking about how the hack will I be, going to get all these Games to my new computers. It's been a nightmare of day in and out trying to get me a game plan and make a move, so I can get back into gaming. Now this old computer raked still as a Warship, there is an End of Life coming up in Oct 2025, I'm not in the lease mad much. I just don't think this Intel 4790 is done, but if the rules for windows 11 ("TPM 2.0") chip-set weren't so ("HIGH and Mighty"), it would have made a nice gaming PC for someone Young to own. ("Thanks for Noting Microsoft"). Luckily for me, I'll keep it and change out the CPU, Ram, and MOB and still have a powerhouse. If Paul Allen were still at Microsoft TPM wouldn't be a problem in computer systems when there are a lot of custom builders who really care about moving Tech to the next level and just be dumped on by BIG Brother Richy Riches Hands in everyone's pocket! And In Passing! We all as Humans at the end of the day are just a grain of SAND!!! Why have a job when at times you spend as much time trying to play on your computer as actually using it for the things you got it for in the first place? Thanks again. My new laptop was fast hell at $5.600.00 before windows 11 pro was installed and slowed it down to $200.00 PC. I'm sick and I will find what I need and fix it or Go to Apple compting!

  8. after seeing 1 of your videos talking about StartAllBack few months ago i tried it for few days and i bought it and its pretty good. i don't usually install or buy stuff if other people on youtube say i should. never trust links or stuff but obviously your not one of those dumb people who give fake stuff so thats why i trusted


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