Discharge Minecraft: what is it and what is it for?

In Minecraft there are a large number of enchantments and among them is a very peculiar one: the Discharge Enchantment. Her use is limited to a single weapon, the trident, and she is only useful in stormy weather conditions.

In this case, the discharge enchantment summon lightning and lead to the impact at the point where we throw the trident. The attack will therefore be much deadlier. If there is a block between you and the opponent, the lightning will not reach it.

There are two methods of enchanting a trident: with an anvil or with an enchantment table. As a preliminary step, you need to get a trident, a weapon that can only very rarely be obtained from the Drowned. Once you have the trident in your inventory, you can enchant it.

How to enchant a trident with an anvil

if you already an enchanted book of discharge it is best to enchant the trident with an anvil. If you don’t have one, you can see how to build an anvil in this linked article.

On the anvil crafting screen you need to place the following ingredients:

  • trident
  • Enchanted book with the Discharge property

Trident enchantment with anvilTrident enchantment with anvil

The trident is easily enchanted.

How to enchant a trident with an enchantment table

It is also possible to enchant a trident with an enchantment table. If you don’t have an enchantment table, you can read this article to learn how to create an enchantment table. With the table open, you must use the trident and the Lapislazuli place to enchant the trident. The enchantments that appear are semi-random, so you’ll need some luck to get the Discharge enchantment.

Trident enchantment with an enchantment tableTrident enchantment with an enchantment table

Remember that if you have multiple library blocks around the enchantment table, better enchantments that apply to your weapon usually appear.

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