Do This IMMEDIATELY After Installing Windows 11

Do This IMMEDIATELY After Installing Windows 11
0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Disabling Unnecessary Applications
0:55 – Disable Notifications
1:45 – Disable Taskbar Icons
2:36 – Left-Align Taskbar
2:53 – Change Power Settings
3:23 – Windows God Mode
3:57 – Change Default Applications
4:44 – Update Drivers
5:10 – Print Screen Snipping Tools
5:43 – Creating a Local Account/Offline Mode
6:35 – Create a System Restore Point

► Enter “Name”.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} into a new folder on your desktop and you’ll have successfully enabled Windows 11 God Mode.

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Presenter: Brett Sticklemonster
Videographer: Kyler Himes
Editor: Abigayle Rose
Thumbnail Designer: Kyler Himes


22 thoughts on “Do This IMMEDIATELY After Installing Windows 11”

  1. i dont like the high minimum requirements . a problem is we dont live in a a gambling world , people dont like to gamble . when micorosft puts those high minimum requirements it becomes kinda forcing people to buy a new computer , it gets rid of maybe people will buy new computer and replaces it with people have to buy a new computer. eliminates the gambling for the computer manufacturers and thats the way the computer manufacturers like it.

  2. Nice video….but does EVERY YouTuber have to speak as fast as Ben Shapiro??? Slow down your screens as well….I had to pause every 20 seconds so I could actually focus on your screenshots.

  3. You didn't mention to disable OneDrive, one of the most annoying, useless and worst app of windows. Immediately after installing win11, first thing to do is to disable, de-link or uninstall OneDrive


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