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Download YouTube videos! How to download and convert MP4, MKV, MP3 video and audio files from YouTube for free for PC and mobile, I explained in detail.

Convert Youtube Video

YouTube, the free video service, started independently in 2005 and was acquired by Google in 2006. Billions of videos have been uploaded and shared since then. In our article today, we tell you how to download YouTube videos , in all details, for both computer and phone. After the Youtube video download process, we also tell you how to download and convert youtube mp3 . Although a computer is essential for some operations, since we will show you every way, you will be able to get the content you want from the phone. You will be able to download videos from any YouTube channel with all the procedures described here. Now you will learn how to download YouTube videos!

Is YouTube video downloading legal?

This should be the problem that troubles you most now. Because the YouTube video download process may not be as innocent as it seems. There are also licensed videos and music on YouTube. Although these are free to watch, downloading of such content and especially its use in commercial transactions is prohibited. For example, you can take the music of a video clip you like very much on YouTube and add it to your own videos as background music, but if you share the video you have prepared in this way on another social media platform or on YouTube, you will encounter problems because you do not license the relevant music. To avoid such situations, if you are a creator yourself, you need to download YouTube videos that do not require a license.However, if you are not going to share it on any public social media platform, you can download, watch and listen to any content for free.


The best youtube video downloader: IDM

internet download manager youtube

The program, whose long spelling is Internet Download Manager , is an old but very effective download program that runs smoothly in the Windows operating system and becomes very useful with web browser add-ons. It is one of the must-haves for not only YouTube, but also all other downloads. One of its most important features is that it can use your current download speed to the last drop by dividing its downloads into parallel download chunks. Since our topic is not about downloading, but rather YouTube, we skip the details.

Internet Download Manager is actually a paid download program. There is a 30-day trial period available. It is possible to reset the trial period. However, since we skipped these details here, you can learn how to do such operations by reading our article titled The Best Download Program: IDMAN. 

With IDMAN, you can only download MP4 and MKV videos via YouTube, you can not download audio files in MP3 format . IDMAN is designed for Windows operating systems only. [/ Su_note]

Steps to download videos from YouTube with IDMAN:

  1. To download the latest IDMAN, go to this page and Try Internet Download Manager for freeclick the button.
  2. Install the program you downloaded.
  3. After the program is installed, open the web browser you are using (we will go through Google Chrome).
  4. Once your browser is opened you will be prompted to install a plug-in, just accept it. This will install the IDMAN, Chrome extension.
  5. Now open any video from YouTube via Chrome. In the right-top corner of the video IDMAN - Download this video file, you will see the button, click on it once with the left mouse button. If it contains more than one download option, you will see the options, but if there is only one option, you will see the direct download window. If the option is out, you can choose the most suitable option for you and start the download process. If the option is not available, you will already see a direct download window.
  6. The video you downloaded automatically lands in the Video folder in the Windows Downloads folder if you haven't moved it later . You can find your video here. If you can't find the Downloads folder, press the Windows logo key on your keyboard and search for Downloads , you'll see.

Best YouTube video downloader for Android: InsTube

instube youtube downloader

InsTube is a popular video downloader app that supports downloading videos and music from over 100 websites. With the option to choose the resolution and format of the file, you can save MP4 / MKV video and MP3 audio files directly to your device's storage. The application uses an Advanced Download Engine to save files at high speeds. InsTube is a browser downloader app so you can quickly capture videos while browsing the web. The application interface is very simple with a range of customizable settings options.

Main features of InsTube:

  • Supports 4K and HD downloads
  • Free MP3 downloads, video downloads like MP4 / MKV
  • Built-in video and music player
  • High speed with Advanced Download Engine
  • A built-in web browser is available for browsing the web and downloading video / audio
  • Takes up little space
  • Low data, battery and memory consumption
  • Internal video library
InsTube APK DownloadInsTube indirme sayfasını açar


Best YouTube video downloader app for iPhone (iOS): iDownloader

iphone ios youtube downloader idownloader

iDownloader is an iOS video downloader app that offers comprehensive multiple features to discover videos on your iPhone like a personal computer. It would be a great option to use this iPhone app to download Youtube videos to your iPhone.

Main features of iDownloader:

  • Up to 50 simultaneous downloads at ultra fast speed.
  • Background download with resuming corrupted downloads.
  • With this application you can download the best web browser, password keeper, media player, file viewer, file manager, etc. you get!
iDownloader DownloadApp Store'u açar


Best YouTube video downloader for MAC operating system: iTube Studio

youtube downloader itube studio

You cannot use any of the programs / applications listed above in MAC operating systems. To be able to download from YouTube for free, you need programs with DMG extension, written for MAC. ITube Studio comes into play here.

Main features of iTube Studio:

  • Easily download videos to MAC from YouTube and from 10,000 online video sharing sites via browser plug-in or URL.
  • Support to download entire YouTube playlist or multiple online videos simultaneously 3 times faster.
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3 and convert online videos to any media or device format you need.
  • Output media for conversion, on any iOS and Mac device, Android, Windows devices as well as game consoles, web videos etc. supportable.
  • It comes with Transfer feature that allows you to transfer downloaded videos directly to iPhone and Android devices.
  • Easily record any online video from any online video site, including those that cannot download the sites.
  • Private Mode with a password to fully protect your download information with a set of passwords.
iTube Studio DownloadDiret Link


Best YouTube video downloader for Linux: Youtube-dl

youtube dlg

Youtube-dl supports downloading of videos from different file formats as well as audios from Youtube and other sites. By default Youtube-dl downloads the highest quality of downloaded videos, but if the internet connection is slow, a lower quality can be downloaded by passing some arguments.

Main features of Youtube-dl:

  • Downloading all video files from a playlist
  • Ability to resume interrupted downloads
  • Ability to convert video files to MP3 files
  • Ability to download videos in various resolutions such as 4K, 1080p, 720p
  • Ability to set the maximum download rate

Click to download and use YouTube-dl

There are two ways to install Youtube-dl on your Linux operating system:

Installing via apt:

To install youtube-dl using apt, log in as root and run the following command:

# apt install youtube-dl

Installing via pip:

Additionally, you can install the tool using the pip package manager. But first, let's set up the pip by entering the following command:

# apt install python-pip

Once Pip is installed, install Youtube-dl by entering the following command:

# pip install youtube-dl

Proceed to the next stage when the following command outputs:

Collecting youtube-dl
Downloading (1.8MB)
100% |████████████████████████████████| 1.8MB 238kB/s
Installing collected packages: youtube-dl
Successfully installed youtube-dl-2018.9.26

Sample Output:

--2018-10-01 13:19:52--
Resolving (, 2001:1a50:11:0:5f:8f:acaa:177
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: [following] --2018-10-01 13:19:54--
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: [following] --2018-10-01 13:19:55--
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: [following] --2018-10-01 13:19:56--
Resolving (,
Connecting to (||:443... connected

Next, enter the following command to grant execution permission for the file:

# chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

Finally, enter the following command:

hash -r


To update youtube-dl:

You can always update youtube-dl to the latest version. For this, you can enter the following command periodically (for example, once a month):

# youtube-dl -U

The output will be similar to the following:

youtube-dl is up-to-date (2018.09.26)

How to use youtube-dl?

After the Youtube-dl has been successfully installed, you can now start downloading videos. To download a video from YouTube, the syntax command should be:

# youtube-dl <url>

For example:

# youtube-dl

Checking available video formats

Youtube-dl supports numerous video formats, eg Mp4, mkv, webm, FLV etc Use the -F option to list the available video codes. For example:

# youtube-dl -F

Download a specific video format

After creating a list of available video formats, you can continue downloading a specific format using -f format-number. For example:

# youtube-dl -f 251

Downloading an audio (MP3) file

You can also download audio using youtube-dl as follows:

# youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <url>

For example:

# youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3

This will extract the sound from the video and save it to disk.

Downloading an entire video playlist

Youtube-dl saves all videos to a playlist by default. Copy the playlist URL and export it to youtube-dl command line tool.

# youtube-dl

You can also start from a specific number:

# youtube-dl --playlist-start 5

Continuing to download interrupted

To force the continuation of partially downloaded files without overriding completion, use the -cwi options:

# youtube-dl -cwi video-url


# youtube-dl -cwi

Setting up the graphical user interface for youtube-dl

If you are not keen on running it from the command window, you can install a GUI form of youtube-dl.

Enter the following commands in order:

# add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
# apt-get update && sudo apt-get install youtube-dlg

[/ su_spoiler]

Best online YouTube video download site: Y2Mate IO

Youtube downloader online Y2Mate

You should definitely try Y2Mate, one of the recently popular YouTube video download sites! Whether on a computer (Windows, Linux, MAC does not matter) or on a smart phone (Android, iOS, HarmonyOS, ArkOS, HongMengOS or whatever the name is), you can directly download the video you want via this website without any delay. Let's Download Video Youtub All you have to do is copy the video link and paste it into the box inside Y2Mate!

Y2Mate IO main features:

  • It has a completely simple design
  • Simple, straightforward interface
  • It does not make any waiting (only when clicking on the Audio-audio file option, the YouTube converter makes it waiting)
  • YouTube allows you to download MP3, MP4, MKV download
  • Allows you to download from any resolution the video has
  • Works fast
Y2Mate DownloadY2Mate


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