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Where it is not necessary to specify a characteristic number, the letter “X” should be used instead.

(“XX” when both digits are removed).

Additional letters and/or complementary letters can be removed without changing their positions.

If more than one complementary letter is used, alphabetical order should be applied.

First Character:
  This character indicates the level of protection against the entry of foreign solid objects.

Character Article Entry Access
0 Unprotected Unprotected
one Diameter ≥ 50 mm with the back of the hand
2 Diameter ≥ 12.5 mm fingering
3 Diameter ≥ 2.5mm with tool
4                   Diameter ≥ 1.0 mm Such
5 Protected against dust Such
6 Dustproof Such


Second Character:  This character effects express the level of protection against harmful water ingress.

Character Water inlet
0 Unprotected
one dripping vertically
2 Drip (15° inclined)


4              Vault
5 Jet
6 strong gush
7 temporary immersion
8 Continuous immersion


Additional Letter:  Indicates information about preventing access to hazardous parts. Its use is optional.

Letter Access
A with the back of the hand
B fingering
C with tool
D Such


Supplementary Letter:  Indicates special situations. Its use is optional.

Character Special case
H                   high voltage device
M Moving during water test
S Motionless during water test
IN Weather conditions

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