Emergency Boot Kit – Free License (Lifetime)

Emergency Boot Kit – bootable disk containing a set of tools for restoring the operation of the Windows operating system. Includes file manager, registry editor, disk and partition manager, and a tool to reset and change a forgotten Windows password

With Emergency Boot Kit, you can work with files, folders, partitions and disks in case the operating system is damaged, infected or does not boot. Using the partition manager, you can backup and restore partitions from image files and edit the boot sector. With the help of the password reset wizard, you can change the forgotten password for any user or administrator account.

Emergency Boot Kit – Free License (Lifetime)

Emergency Boot Kit consists of a utility for creating a bootable USB media or CD / DVD disk and does not require the use of third-party programs. Run the utility, select the desired media, and the utility will create a bootable version of the Emergency Boot Kit on top of it. The boot disk has a simple menu with text interface and keyboard navigation.

Emergency Boot Kit – Free License (Lifetime)

Emergency Boot Kit Features

  • Dual partition file manager with Unicode and NTFS support.
  • Reset passwords for Windows user accounts.
  • Defragment the registry to speed up the operating system.
  • Registry editor that supports import and export of branches and keys.
  • Partition manager to create, modify, delete and edit partitions.
  • Boot Sector Editor to fix boot problems and remap drive letters.

Free  Emergency Boot Kit  License

To get a free lifetime license of Emergency Boot Kit (Giveaway Edition), follow these steps:

Download Emergency Boot Kit

Download the bootable media creator to your computer. Please note that the program and the boot disk are available with an English interface.

Emergency Boot Kit – Free License (Lifetime)Emergency Boot Kit – Free License (Lifetime)

Your personal registration code will be sent to your e-mail address.

Run the program, click the Enter registration code link and enter your registration code. Then click the OK button.

Emergency Boot Kit – Free License (Lifetime)

The program will be activated and ready to use.

Free License Terms

  • The offer is valid until August 23, 2021. You must receive a registration code before the end of the promotion.
  • The license key obtained for the Giveaway Edition through this promotion is valid forever. You can activate the program an unlimited number of times – save the installation file and registration key for this. The
    promotional version includes all the features of the paid version.
  • The promotional version is not tied to the computer ID and bootable media. You can use it on multiple computers and create multiple boot devices.
  • The license key is only intended for the Emergency Boot Kit (Giveaway Edition) version 1.6n. No free upgrades to later versions are available.

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