Erase, Cut, and Rotate PDFs [Windows]

PDF Eraser Pro is a Windows tool that can remove text, photos, logos, and other unwanted elements from PDF files.

The software allows users to edit PDF files by replacing or erasing existing text and images with their own.

As an added bonus, this PDF Eraser tool includes a PDF Page Cutter for cutting out extra pages from the PDF documents. Due to the high volume of scanned PDF files, PDF Eraser has included a PDF Rotating feature that allows users to easily rotate PDF pages with just two clicks.

The intuitive design of the application’s user interface makes its many useful features accessible to anyone, regardless of their familiarity with computers or this particular program.

When you need a simple, efficient, and effective method to edit PDF files on your PC, PDF Eraser is the tool to use. As soon as you’ve got it up and running, you can load a document and start customizing it to your specifications.

Although the name of the program suggests that its primary function is to allow you to delete text from PDFs, it actually serves a wider range of editing needs.

You may, for instance, edit the document in various ways, such as by inserting text, including images, and rotating it. To erase something from a PDF, click and drag the eraser of the appropriate size from the toolbar to the area you want to clear.

The Tools menu provides a select tool, allows you to insert images and text, and allows you to adjust a few settings. Either the menu’s specialized entries or the toolbar’s buttons can be used to modify the text’s colour, weight, and typeface.

Get PDF Eraser Pro for Free:

Download the software from the developer page[955 KB].

After installation and app launch, go to the app’s main menu and select “About” before selecting “Upgrade to Pro Version.”

Enter the below license code.


That’s it, hit “OK”.

PDF Eraser Pro License

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