Facebook dating: what it is, how it works and how to use it

Facebook dating is the Alternative to Tinder , created by Mark Zuckerberg’s company. It is not a standalone app but is integrated with the social network app. However, this is not a new function of the social network, but a completely independent new service.

It differs from Tinder in two fundamental ways:

  • The goal of Facebook dating is stable partnerships. This means that in the early stages of getting to know our significant other, we can only talk to her without sharing any audiovisual material.
  • The candidates presented will be people who largely share your personal tastes.

What is Facebook dating good for?

The goal of this feature is the same as in many other similar applications: to find our significant other. For this purpose, the application will create a profile independent of our profile, without having to create a new user account (hence the independence from the main Facebook line). This profile is only accessible to people who have Facebook Dating enabled and it is not visible to anyone on our friends list at any time.

One of the strengths of this service is the total protection of the privacy of its users. Another aspect worth noting is the constant monitoring by a team that will not hesitate to ban those who abuse the service.

However, its strength undoubtedly lies in its compatibility algorithm, as it seeks out people with common hobbies, interests, or within the same groups or events. According to its developers, it is much more accurate than any other similar application.

how to use facebook dating

if first we open it App and click on the menu button:

Facebook main screenFacebook main screen

Then we click Dating:

Facebook MenuFacebook Menu

Click first Get started:

Beginning of profilingBeginning of profiling

On the next screen you will see an idea of ​​Facebook Dating. Click on Nextto continue:

Idea of ​​facebook datingIdea of ​​facebook dating

Now the usage rules for the service will be shown, which you should read and observe. Click on Yesxt once you’re done

Facebook Dating RulesFacebook Dating Rules

You will be taken to a screen where you can edit your personal information. When you’re done, click Yesxt:

Facebook dating user dataFacebook dating user data

Now you have to decide if you want to date men, women or both. Select your preferences and click again Next:

Define what we are looking forDefine what we are looking for

You then have to accept how Facebook Dating treats your data. Read it carefully and click I Accept:

Information on data processingInformation on data processing

Now is the moment when the feature will try to determine your location in order to find possible partners for you. Click on Next when you’re done:

User location informationUser location information

From here we come to the questions about you. Enter your height and click Next:

height of the userheight of the user

In the next question you have to answer whether you have children or not. Click on Nextto continue:

parent situationparent situation

Next, you must enter your level of education. Click again Next when you’re done:

Education level of the userEducation level of the user

Now choose a profile photo that feels particularly flattering to you (or use the photo on your Facebook profile if you think that’s enough). click on Nextto commit the changes:

Photo for the user profilePhoto for the user profile

You are already at the last step. Click on Confirmto start Facebook Dating:

Confirmation of profilingConfirmation of profiling

When you’re done, your Facebook Dating profile should now be active. You can let the function do the rest for you, or you can run it manually:

Profile fill-in wizardProfile fill-in wizard

In your profile you will see a series of questions that you can answer. The more questions you answer, the better. That way, the algorithm can more accurately show you people who match your own inclinations.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter: how do you get to know the people here? Well, once you’ve filled out your profile, a screen like this will appear in front of you:

dating suggestiondating suggestion

If you click on the cross, you discard this person. If you press the heart button, you show your interest in her. You can also click on the photo to see her full profile:

Full profile of a possible dateFull profile of a possible appointment

If the person you like also clicks the heart button as soon as they see you, then there is a match (just like in Tinder), and you can start chatting. Up to this point is the tab Matches file.

Very interesting and noteworthy are the functions that appear at the bottom of the main window:


We explain them below:

  • Second Look: allows us to revisit the possible matches that we discarded.
  • Events in Common: search and show us all facebook dating users who have replied to the same events as us. We can show interest in them or reject them directly from this section.
  • Groups in Common: like the one mentioned above, but related to all the Facebook groups we’ve joined. We may also show interest in these users or opt out directly from this section.

The function Secret Crush deserves a separate explanation as it is very interesting (especially for shy ones). Are there people among your Facebook friends and Instagram followers that you’ve always liked but never talked to? Then click on the name of this section and you will get to this screen:

Beginning of Secret CrushBeginning of Secret Crush

Click the cross to add friends to this section (you can add up to nine). When you’re done, you should see something like this as a result:

Added Secret CrushAdded Secret Crush

Okay, you added them, now what? If these users ever use Facebook Dating or log in, they will be notified that they are the Crush (Swarm) are from someone. However, they will not be notified if they are removed from the list. Your name will not be given to these people unless they adopt you as well Secret Crush list. Needless to say, the activity in this section is not displayed anywhere on Facebook.

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