@ for All Devices – How to Make @ Sign?

How to Make @ Sign?

The @ sign , which is especially necessary when writing e-mails , is also used in shortcuts of different emojis. It is not enough to press a single key to make the @ sign on the keyboard of the computer or phone. In this article, we have compiled ways to make the @ sign on all devices for you.

‘ Why doesn’t the @ sign work on the computer ?’ It is a question that those who will write an e-mail address for the first time are looking for an answer. This is difficult because there are separate combinations for different keyboard types. You can decode the combinations on the keyboard and write all the symbols easily with the device you want. You can easily use the ‘et’ (@) sign with the combinations detailed in this article.

What are the Ways to Make the @ Sign?

The @ sign is above the letter ‘Q’ on the keyboard. Computer users have problems with the @ sign, also known as a tail, because it is made using two or three keys. In fact, there are many ways to make this sign. You can easily make this sign by knowing at least one of them. If you have a complaint that the et @ sign does not appear on the computer  , you can solve the problem by following the steps below.

How to Make the @ Sign for Windows?

There are multiple methods for the @ sign, which can be easily done using different combinations. However, there are different methods for making this mark on Windows and Mac computers. For this reason, we will give information about making this sign first for Windows and then for Mac computer.

How to Make the @ Sign for Windows

To make the @ sign in Windows, the “CTRL+ALT+Q” key must be pressed at the same time. In addition, it is possible to make the @ sign by pressing the “ALT GR+Q” key at the same time.

It is necessary to pay attention to which combinations are used where. CTRL+ALT+Q combinations work on all internet browsers. On Word, you cannot use the @ sign with these combinations. However, with the combination of ALT GR+Q, it will be possible to make the @ sign both on all browsers and in word processors.

How to Make @ Sign with Copy-Paste Method?

You can also make the @ sign by copying and pasting, although it may seem like an amateur, except for key combinations. For this, you should find an article on the internet with the @ sign. If you reach a page where your e-mail address is written, it will be possible to use this sign wherever you want by copying and pasting the @ sign here.

How to Make @ Sign with the Help of Word Processor?

For this you have to follow these steps:

  • After opening the word processor, click on the “Add” menu at the top.

How to Make @ Sign with the Help of Word Processor

  • Click on the “Icon” text on the far right of the menus here.

How to Make @ Sign with the Help of Word Processor 1

  • If there is no @ sign in the window that opens, press the “All Icons” section and find the @ sign from there and click “Add”.
  • If you copy the @ sign you added here, it will be possible to paste the sign wherever you want.

How to Make @ Sign on Mac Computer?

You may be using the computer well. But it has always been difficult to find some symbols on different keyboards.

How to Make @ Sign on Mac Computer

Often those who switch from Windows to Mac computers have trouble with the @ sign. ALT GR+Q combinations in Windows are equivalent to ALT OPTION+Q keys on Mac computers. In addition, this mark can be made on Mac computers with the ALT OPTION+2 keys.

How to Make Other Special Signs with Windows Keyboards

  • In Windows, ‘©’ ie copyright copyright sign is made by pressing ALT+184 keys on the keyboard. If you click ‘184’ one after the other after pressing the ALT key, this sign will appear when you release your hand. You should also click on the ‘Icon’ section from the ‘Insert’ section at the top in the Word word processor. If you hit the ‘All Icons’ section you can see a lot of signs here.
  • The ‘™’ mark means registered or in the process of being registered and is used for trademarks. You can use ALT+0153 keys to make this ‘™’ sign.
  • The inverted question mark , ‘¿’, is used in Spanish interrogative sentences. To make this mark, ALT+168 must be typed.
  • The heart sign is also a frequently used sign. ALT+3 keys are used for the heart sign, namely ‘♥’.
  • The dollar sign is also frequently used. For the ‘$’ sign, you must press ALT GR+4.
  • ALT GR+E keys must be pressed for the euro sign, ie ‘€’.
  • Just press ALT+1 for the smiley ‘ ‘.
  • For the musical note, that is, the ‘♪’ sign, the ALT+13 or ALT+14 keys must be used.

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