Format Android Protecting Your Personal Data

Format Android Protecting Your Personal Data

Experienced security company Avast stated in its latest statement that data on Android devices is not deleted after formatting . We will also tell you how to protect your personal data with encryption.

Avast announced that they bought many second-hand phones and easily accessed personal data after their work on these devices. So how can this data be protected? Let’s get to work right away.

We will start with the “ Encryption ” section available on Android . To perform this action, your phone’s battery must be fully charged and remain charged until the encryption is complete . Because the encryption process takes about an hour and if it is interrupted , there is a risk of losing your data . Accounts, Settings, Applications, Application data, Media files and Other personal documents and files are protected by encryption.

To access this section, go to Settings > Security > Encryption . If your battery is full and your phone is charging, you can start the process by clicking the ” Encrypt phone ” button at the bottom of the screen after entering the Encryption section.

In the second step, we will factory data reset our phone . Factory data reset protects our personal data to a large extent. For factory data reset, we start the factory reset process by going to Settings > Backup and Reset . If you wish , you can back up phone data and settings to your Google account by saying ” Back up my data “. For reset, you can start the process by pressing the Factory data reset option at the bottom of the screen .

Cleaning the data seems a bit complicated, but it is done very simply. Of course, one point should be noted. You may be using these and similar methods to increase security. However , if you want to be more secure, we recommend that you do not store data that you consider important on your phone.

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