Fortnite crashed: problems and solutions

It sometimes happens with Fortnite servers crashes or connection problems with some players. Normally in these cases we just have to wait a while for the servers to reopen and we can continue playing. But if the game still doesn’t work for us, we need to find a solution.

Our connection failed

We need to find out if the problem only occurs when playing Fortnite. To do this from the same device on which we want to connect to the game we must check if there is a connection for other games or applications. Of course, if nothing works for us, the problem is not Fortnite.

Then we should check other devices to see if there is a connection. If so, the problem is with our device, if not with the connection.

In the event that it is a device issue, we must check if the connection is switched on and that when using a wireless connection we are not too far from the router, apart from the proper configuration.

In case the problem is with the internet connection in the house, we need to check the router. We can turn it off and turn it on again after 10 seconds. If it still doesn’t work, we should ask our phone company for help.

Server failure or game crash

In the event that we only have the problem with Fortnite, we can go to the website and check if the servers are down. If so, we’ll have to wait for Epic Games to fix the problem, it usually doesn’t take too long.

However, if the problem persists despite the servers running or we have another problem (e.g. a mission that doesn’t work for us), we can contact Epic Games through the support service:

Epic Games contact formEpic Games contact form

On this page we have a form that we have to fill in with our nickname, email, game platform, response language and a description of the problem. We can also attach images to make it easier to spot the problem. EpicGames will reply us in about 5 hours.

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