Fortnite reviews: pros and cons

Fortnite has been one of the hottest games for months thanks to its Battle Royale mode. Malavida editors have their say on this online multiplayer entertainment sensation:

Hector Hernandez

I’ve always been a proponent of more realistic shooters, but we have to acknowledge Fortnite’s success and the fact that it’s managed to gather a huge community of users around the game, many of whom aren’t very familiar with the genre. Perhaps the most experienced players will opt for other games, but Fortnite is the ideal free option for anyone looking for massive matches, gameplay and fun – free and with everything you could want from a game with these attributes.

Lory Guilloux

It’s long been a big hit with the young and not-so-young, even after disappearing from official stores outside of Epic Games. One reason is that you can play it without spending a buck, but there’s more. In addition to being free, the in-app purchases only represent aesthetic upgrades in the form of costumes, dances, or accessories, so the game is never unbalanced between those who pay for the game and those who don’t.

Learning the game is easy, especially since the inclusion of the Master Party mode, and the rules are simple. Surviving more than ten minutes, being considered good, and even winning games may not be that easy, but you get there eventually.

Another big plus is the constant updating. Epic Games strives to keep their players interested by constantly introducing new challenges and incorporating daily quests and character skins from pretty much every franchise imaginable. That way, the community never gets bored.

Antony Peel

Undoubtedly one of the best games of recent years, a true revolution in the battle royale genre, where PUBG and Free Fire on mobile, among others, also stand out. Since its launch it has become a mass phenomenon with everyone from children to parents and even the mainstream media talking about it. Now its popularity has been boosted by the disputes between Apple and Epic Games, which luckily haven’t spilled over to Android users. One of those games that can’t be missing from any decent gamer’s smartphone.

Elijah Guzman

I think it’s a good shooter, although I prefer games with a more realistic aesthetic, like PUBG. I guess I don’t really like the kind of humor it uses… I’m more for stories that inspire more seriousness. If you’re looking for humor, I’d definitely prefer the already legendary Duke Nukem 3D.

Adrian Miguez

The keys to success are the commitment to the free-to-play model, cross-platform play, the large number of possibilities offered by the creative mode and, above all, the Battle Royale mode, which is one of the first titles to offer such a mode . Epic Games keeps Fortnite updated to add new features so we can continue to enjoy it as the months go by.

As a video game lover, what I miss most is a serious story mode meant to be played solo. We’ll probably see it someday, as Epic Games has laid the groundwork for a franchise with its own characters, locations, and hallmarks.Fortnite is certainly not a game that we find many faults with. Perhaps the biggest downside is the aesthetics, which ends up failing those who like shooters because they prefer more realistic looking games. As advantages, we can certainly cite the different options you have to take advantage of the Battle Royale mode and the fluid, almost hectic pace of their games.

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