Foxes in Minecraft: where are they and how to tame them?

In Minecraft there are a number of animals waiting to be discovered. Each one feeds on something different, so you’ll need to figure that out if you want to tame them and stop them from attacking you, or even if you want to make them your pets to help you in battle. In this post we will focus on foxes and tell you everything you need to know about them.

Where to find foxes in Minecraft

What you should know: In Minecraft there are different biomes: forests, deserts, plains, etc. You will discover them as you explore the world. Each has a specific flora and fauna. So in the case of the fox, you have to find a taiga biome, (whereby one the snow taiga and the giant tree taiga also apply, two variants of the first) to have a chance of finding them in the wild. To do this, you can either walk until you’re lucky enough to find it, or use a seed to go straight there.

Foxes in a village in a taiga biomeFoxes in a village in a taiga biome

They usually appear near villages at night or in the wild during the day. To increase your chances of encountering a fox, we recommend that you in to wait in a village in the taiga until it gets dark.

How to tame foxes in Minecraft

To one To tame fox you need sweet berries. This type of food can be found in the wild, on bushes with reddish globules, also in the taiga forest. When you find them, just walk up to the bush and hit it with your fist to get three berries.

Picking berries in MinecraftPicking berries in Minecraft

Once you have the sweet berries in your inventory, you can approach the foxes and click on the “Feed” buttononce the option appears at the bottom left.

Feed the sweet berries to the foxesFeed the sweet berries to the foxes

This causes hearts to sprout on the head of the fed foxes and they breed among themselves, resulting in cute puppy foxes that form a family.

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