Friday Night Funkin’: all characters and their stories

One of the things that stands out about Friday Night Funkin’ is the wide range of characters that appear in the story. If you want to get to know them in detail, you will find all the details you are looking for here.

The main characters

As in all video games, Friday Night Funkin’ has two main characters who will accompany us in our adventure.


Introducing the main character of Friday Night Funkin’. This character is 19 years old and belongs to the human species. He is known for his love of pepperoni pizza and donuts.

Boyfriend, the main characterBoyfriend, the main character

His main concern to win the music duels is desire for romance with girlfriend. This earns him powerful enemies, starting with his mistress’ father, Daddy Dearest!

His great courage and rebelliousness led him to abandon his studies to devote himself to rapping. Thanks to these qualities, he always finds a way to overcome adversity and defeat his opponents.


She is the same age as Boyfriend, but belongs to the demon species. She enjoys watching musical duels and wholeheartedly encourages her lover to defeat his opponents. She also loves pizza, although she prefers olives to pepperoni.

Girlfriend, the second main characterGirlfriend, the second main character


Just as there are main characters, Friday Night Funkin’ also has enemies who will try to defeat them at any cost.

Daddy Dearest

This intimidating character is the girlfriend’s father and the main antagonist of Boyfriend. Under no circumstances will he allow the two to enter into a relationship, so he will do everything in his power to win their duels.

Daddy Dearest, the main antagonistDaddy Dearest, the main antagonist

Appears in week 1 of the game. After losing, he hires Pico to get revenge, which you can see in week 3. As Boyfriend continues to dodge his retaliation, he seeks a way to defeat him and will not rest until he achieves his goal.

Skid and Pump

These characters are from Spooky Month, the Mr. Hair web series. They are two human children aged 8 (Skid) and 7 (Pump) whose talent for musical dueling gets Boyfriend in trouble in week 2.

Skid and Pump, the scary kidsSkid and Pump, the scary kids

They wear Halloween costumes all the time, giving them a childlike appearance that belies how dangerous they can be to the two protagonists.


Its age and species are unknown. He first appeared in week 5 and is one of the biggest obstacles in Boyfriend’s way.

Monster is the deadly enemyMonster is the deadly enemy

He has a lemon head and blood is dripping from his eyes and teeth. However, the most terrifying thing about this creature is that it has the ability to change people’s perceptions. So Boyfriend has to be very careful when meeting him.

Mommy Mearest

She is Daddy Dearest’s wife and Girlfriend’s mother. Like her, she belongs to the demon species and is now considered a real pop star.

Mommy Mearest, Mutter von GirlfriendMommy Mearest, Mutter von Girlfriend

In the game, she decides to help her husband in week 4 and comes to fight Boyfriend accompanied by her bodyguards. Of course, she fails in her mission.


Pico made his first appearance in week 3 when he was hired by Daddy Dearest to bring his daughter back. He is 20 years old and belongs to the human species.

Pico, Daddy's hitmanPico, Daddy’s hitman

He was boyfriends partner in the past. So he breaks his pact with Daddy and instead of killing the protagonist, he decides to challenge him to a rap duel. It is rumored that he is a genius and has an IQ of 127 points.


Senpai is 18 years old and belongs to the human species. In week 6, he challenges Boyfriend and is unable to disobey Daddy Dearest’s orders.

Senpai is the trapped soulSenpai is the trapped soul

The latter put him in a dating simulator in which he remains trapped to this day. That explains its pixelated appearance. The most tragic part of his story comes when you can defeat him for the second time in the game. At this point, Senpai will die and the ghost Spirit! soft.


Senpai’s reincarnation. He shows up in week 6 after defeating Senpai twice. His main motivation is to get a body that will allow him to reclaim his life and get revenge on Daddy Dearest.

Spiriti is known as the liberated soulSpiriti is known as the liberated soul


Appears in week 7. He is a 30-year-old human who came to challenge Boyfriend and defeat him once and for all.

Tankman, the siege forceTankman, the siege force

He brings his tankmen to give him a tough fight, but with Pico’s help our protagonists will be able to defeat him. Everything indicates that he and Pico still have scores to settle.

Upcoming appearances

The great thing about Friday Night Funkin’ is that it’s still ongoing and new characters are waiting to be released.

Cassette Girl

Her kind is half demon and half human. She was intended to be a music-related mascot, but could soon make an appearance in the video game as well.

Cassette Girl, a new allyCassette Girl, a new ally

Hank J. Wimbleton

This character carries a knife and is bald. He has a great talent for music and is willing to make life difficult for Boyfriend on stage.

Hank J Wimbleton, a new enemyHank J Wimbleton, a new enemy

Ritz The Rat

An anthropomorphic rat who, according to the game’s creators, will be Boyfriend’s brother. A situation inspired by Stuart Little, the classic 1999 film.

Ritz the rat is Boyfriend's brotherRitz the rat is Boyfriend’s brother


An enigmatic character for which there are no screenshots yet. Her story is believed to be related to Pico’s.


Unfortunately, not all characters are doing well. Such is the case of Lucky Boy, who was taken out of the game.

Lucky Boy

An error by the game developer resulted in Lucky Boy appearing in the game’s code. Noticing this, he didn’t hesitate to correct it and warned that he wouldn’t be on Friday Night Funkin’.

Lucky Boy, a discarded characterLucky Boy, a discarded character

characters in the background

The fights wouldn’t have the same appeal if it weren’t for the charismatic characters that complement the scene.


They are Mommy Mearest’s minions. At the showdowns of the pop divas, they can be seen in the background practicing funny choreographies.

Henchmen, the mommy dancersHenchmen, the mommy dancers

santa claus

An old man dressed as Santa Claus. From the way he acts and how close he is to Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest during his performances, it is rumored that he was kidnapped by them.

Santa Claus is known as the scary manSanta Claus is known as the scary man


It is implied that these individuals hang out with Tankman and try to corner Girlfriend into going with them.

Tankmen, Tankman's minionsTankmen, Tankman’s minions

Background Freaks

These girls chase Senpai to all his musical battles. You can tell from the hearts in their eyes and their exaggerated movements that they are real fans of this character.

BG Freaks, Senpai's female retainersBG Freaks, Senpai’s female retainers

More Characters

In addition to the characters we’ve seen so far, there’s also an extensive list of musicians from the Friday Night Funkin’ Mods.


His name is Whitmore but everyone knows him as Whitty. He is a humanoid bomber that has become very popular in the mods of this video game.

Whitty is a popular characterWhitty is a popular character


This artificial intelligence not only sings, but is also an excellent basketball player. The screen on his shoulders changes depending on his mood.

Hex is the basketball robotHex is the basketball robot

Hatsune Miku

The popular Vocaloid character has also made its way into Friday Night Funkin’.

Hatsune Miku, the protagonist of VocaloidHatsune Miku, the protagonist of Vocaloid


One of the villains from Madness Combat has also found his way into Friday Night Funkin’. He’s appeared in various mods, so his appearance may change depending on the version you’re playing.

Tricky, Hank's FeindTricky, Hank’s Feind


A character who exudes great calm and lives with a cigarette in his hand. The most curious thing is that the smoke he produces when smoking changes depending on the notes he is playing.

Garcello, the chain smokerGarcello, the chain smoker


Dance Dance Revolution is his passion. Therefore, there is no singing in his battles, but a lot of dancing.

Kapi, the dance loverKapi, the dance lover


This nun tried to get boyfriend and girlfriend to join her church. When they fail, the song duel begins.

Sarvente, the evil priestessSarvente, the evil priestess


An outlaw criminal. Although rather shy, he has tremendous singing talent. He is a friend of Sarvente and wants to help him defeat Boyfriend.

Ruv, a wanted criminalRuv, a wanted criminal


Girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend has a successful rap career. Watch out boyfriend!

Tabi, an ex of GirlfriendTabi, an ex of Girlfriend

Now that you know the detailed stories of the Friday Night Funkin’ characters, all you have to do is get on stage!

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