FRP Bypass: what is it and what to use it for on Android

Some Android devices include a protection called FRP, what for „Factory Reset Protection” stands. In English this means that there is an extra protection when doing a factory reset, which can mean a big help or a big problem. With this security protocol, factory resetting the device requires entering the email account and password that was used to set up an Android device the first time it was turned on.

This feature is not available on all phones as it was only introduced with the release of Android Lollipop, a 2014 version of the popular operating system. In other words, it is very likely that the FRP protocol is active on your phone, if you have a version 5.1 or higher.

What is FRP Bypass?

FRP Bypass is an app developed with the sole purpose of bypassing the FRP protection of Android devices. So it offers a quick and easy alternative to disable it and be able to use any phone with this operating system without any problems.

What FRP Bypass is good for

As you can imagine, there are major complications when you Factory reset don’t have the email account and password used the first time. With newer devices, you may even be asked for a security pattern, PIN, or fingerprint, preventing you from gaining access to the device if you don’t have the necessary information.

So if you’ve found a phone and can’t trace its owner, if you’ve forgotten any of the security details above, or if you’re looking to sell your phone, it’s imperative that you find a way to bypass this security protocol. It is precisely in this part of the process that FRP Bypass shows its great usefulness. It enables you to bypass the FRP protection and, as explained above, gives you the freedom to use your mobile devices without any problems.

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