Galaxy Note 3 Android 9 Pie – Download and Install Guide

Galaxy NOTE 3   Android 9 Pie  is available for download and installation with custom ROM such as Lineage OS 16. This is a step-by-step guide on installing Galaxy NOTE 3 Android Pie.

Manually installing a custom ROM or even stock firmware requires some advanced knowledge of operating and modifying the software of an Android device.

Galaxy NOTE 3 Android 9 Pie Custom ROM:

Galaxy NOTE 3  Required Downloads and Links before Android 9  Pie Update:

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Galaxy NOTE 3 Android 9 Pie Installation:

To ensure access ROOT before starting up -Installation the Game Guide Rootl see .  .

  1. Install TWRP for Galaxy NOTE 3 according to the setup here .
  2. Enter recovery mode in TWRP and wipe Data partition, Cache partition, System partition and clear Dalvik cache.

- Before deleting anything, you can back up all data on your Android Phone by referring to our Comprehensive backup guide .

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3. Next, put the Android Pie ROM you downloaded for Galaxy NOTE 3 to the SD card or Phone memory.

      Install Android Pie ROM using TWRP.

      5. Restart your phone and enjoy Android Pie on Galaxy NOTE 3.

      6. Copy the Android Pie GApps and MindTheGApps package (recommended for LineageOS 16 ROM) you downloaded to your phone or sd card and then install them sequentially using TWRP .


- This step is optional, but if you don't do this, you won't be able to install any apps on your Android Pie ROM. 
- GApps suite offers basic Google Play Services, Play Store app and other Google Apps.

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