Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/Note7/Note7 FE Android 10 (OneUI 2.5) ROM: FloydQ 5.0

Welcome to our FloydQ 5.0 installation guide, one of the custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / Note7 / Note7 FE with Android 10 and Samsung OneUI 2.5!

Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / Note7 / Note7 FE Custom Rom: FloydQ 5.0 Features


  • Android 10.0
  • N960FXXU6FTK1 November release
  • Heavily debloved (junk files deleted) and de knox ( knox free)
  • Zipaligned and fine-tuned
  • Optimized for battery and performance
  • Full Samsung OneUI 2.5 Experience
  • Magisk Supported
  • RMM PrePatched (Pre-patched RMM )
  • F2FS for user data and cache
  • CronosKernel v6.0 ( what is a kernel? )
  • All the good features Android Q and OneUI 2.5 bring
  • Includes all features unique to Galaxy S9 (Iris / face recognition etc.)
  • All main features are available (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, gps, camera etc.)

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FloydQ Port Features
  • Samsung S9 DolbyAtmos
  • Optimized for plain S7 / S7 Edge with their own separate configurations
  • Fine-tuning and custom applications for many features
  • DE-Knoxed and disabled samsung root prevention and security protocols
  • Full OMC setup in many countries supported by Samsung
  • Multiple wallpaper support
  • S9 Infinity Wallpapers selectable with Aroma
  • Selectable SmartManager (International / China)
  • Patched GoodLock Manager ( Thanks to @corsicanu )
  • Selectable debloat applications with Aroma (Email, Calculator, Video, Music, Voice Recorder, etc)
  • Custom boot animations (Samsung White / Black, Floyd, Hades)
  • Samsung dock features (UsbBackup, SPowerPlanning, SProtect, Ultra Data Saver, Memory Saver and Samsung Max)
  • Custom fonts / Emojis included (1120 font mods, Google fonts etc.)
  • Vanced Manager
  • Patch applied for Single / Dual SIM + SDCard
  • Patched Dual Messenger for all user apps
  • Selectable Edge panels and EdgeLighting +
  • Samsung Daily (Bixby Home), Bixby Voice ve Bixby Vision
  • Recovery toggle (long press restart)
  • Samsung Max and various other Wi-Fi features
  • Original App Lock (AppLock)
  • Wifi S-Secure
  • Original Screen Video Recorder
  • Original phone call audio recording
  • Enabled some CSC features (call recording, status bar network speed etc.)
  • SecureFolder
  • Google LiveCaptions (live captioning)
  • Yamalanmış Knox WorkProfile
  • Option to force RCS to enable

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CronosKernel V6.0 Features

[su_not] All particular kernel features, the @corsica by hktweaks can be controlled using. [/ su_not A]

  • Full Android Q support
  • Compiled with GCC 4.9 toolchain
  • Optimized for battery and performance
  • Improvements have been made under hundreds of titles
  • Increased to 3.18.140
  • F2FS support
  • GPU driver update: the Android Q Exynos7870 source R29P0 GPU backport was
  • Improved program approval rate
  • GPU overclocking / voltage and thermal control
  • And reverse voltage control CPU overclocking ( underclocking )
  • Devfreq voltage control
  • Compiler optimizations
  • Most wake- ups ( wakelock ) are blocked by default
  • BoefflaWakelock blocker
  • WireGuard support
  • MoroSound control
  • Magic support
  • Aggressive Samsung wakelock blockers
  • Battery charger checks
  • FadeLED support
  • DT2W / S2W / S2S supported
  • UKSM module included
  • Fine tuned SWAP rate
  • Dynamic Fsync driver
  • PowerSuspend sürücüsü
  • PWM Flicker Free Mod by @Wootever
  • Greatly improved processor timer and regulator
  • NFC and smart features are supported on Android Q
  • Galaxy S9 interactive editor enhanced
  • Unnecessary acceleration of small GPU cores is prevented
  • Ability to completely disable DVFS
  • Fine-tuned Samsung input booster (samsung-input-booster)
  • Improved Magisk hiding (you can hide apps with hiding feature in Magisk)
  • Improved DVFS behavior
  • Extra power consumption was prevented while playing video
  • Improved Binder performance
  • and more...

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Attention please!
  • Before installing the Rom,  we recommend that you read the Top Issues section at the bottom of this page .
  • All operations that directly affect system files such as root, bootloader unlock, custom rom loading, custom recovery, modified file flashing, and modification upload will void your device from warranty. If you want to get your warranty back, you must go back to the original rom.
  • You will not be able to use the Secret Folder, Samsung Pass and Samsung Pay features permanently after the operations here .
  • Using this explanation, you are solely responsible for any damage you cause to your device !
  • Make sure you make a backup before following the steps in this article  . If you do not know how to make a backup, you can look at the explanation on this link .
  • There may be differences in the narration due to the change of new versions of the rom. You should follow the similar path.

The Following Should Be On Your Phone

  • Your phone must have the latest official Samsung update and Android 8.0 OS (you can update here )
  • The bootloader must be unlocked (you can do it here )
  • TWRP must be installed (you can do it here ; just use the TWRP version with the bugs fixed at this link )

Downloading from

Developers usually upload files to this site. To download any file from this site:

  1. When you click on the download link, click on
       Click Here to Start Download [/ su_highlight] button (click for sample screenshot ) from the first page .
  2. As soon as you click this button, the button will disappear and you will see
    Standby ... , Searching for mirrors ... , Download ready .
    If for some reason these texts do not change and the    Primary download [/ su_highlight] button is not visible, refresh the page once (you can press the F5 key on your keyboard). You can repeat this process until the download link appears (even 10 times).
  3. You will see a new button on the same page and it will write    Primary download [/ su_highlight] (this button will also show the text such as Mirror: Virginia USA - aVA5 , on which server this file is it is to show that, click on the screenshot for an example ).    You can download your file by clicking on Primary download [/ su_highlight]. [/ su_note]

ROM Installation Instructions

    1. [/ su_highlight] First of all, you should download the required files:

TWRP (select one of the below and download):

ROM file | FloydQ 5.0 (select one of the download links below and download it):

Patch files (Includes important changes made by the developer later, recommended to be installed)

Put all the downloaded .zip archive files to your phone's memory card .
If you use a memory card, as described below wipe after processing files from the phone you can browse the built-in memory . [/ Su_not A]

    2. [/ su_highlight] Put your phone in Recovery mode. This will open TWRP.

    3. In [/ su_highlight] Tap the Wipe button in TWRP . Tap the Advanced Wipe button on the screen that opens . You will see the screen where you can select the sections you want to be deleted. From this screen, just tick the sections listed below :

  • Dalvik / ART Cache
  • System
  • Data
  • Internal Storage
  • Cache

Then drag the drag bar to the right and start the erasing process. When the process is over , press the virtual home button and return to the TWRP main screen.

If you are not using a memory card, connect your phone to your computer via USB cable after this procedure. Once your computer recognizes your phone, access your phone's internal memory and copy all the downloaded files into the internal memory.

    4. [/ su_highlight] Click the Install button from the TWRP main screen . Then Select Storage from the Micro SD card selection to make ARROW Press (do not use memory cards do not need to do this, "Install" to continue after pressing the button).

0 FloydQ V5.0 TWRP Install

 Find the file among the files you encounter and tap on it. Start the installation process by dragging the drag bar that appears to the right. Thus, you will see a loading screen called AROMA .

Here's what you need to do:

Spoiler title

1 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Welcome

Proceed to the next step by tapping Next> at the bottom right of the screen without doing anything on this screen .

[/ su_spoiler]

Spoiler title

2 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Disclaimer

You will see articles about the developer's warnings and disclaimer. Please note that you cannot hold neither the developer nor our website responsible for these actions . You are trading by assuming all risks.

Pass this part by tapping I agree with all above at the bottom of the screen, placing a checkmark in the circle on the left side , and pressing Next> .

[/ su_spoiler]

Spoiler title

2 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Disclaimer

If you try to pass without checking the I agree with all above option , you will see a warning saying Please check the agreement . Press OK to skip this warning . If you have given up the rom installation, tap the vertical three-dot icon at the bottom of the screen and select Quit Installation , you will see Are you sure to quit the installer? Answer Yes to the question, Are you sure you want to exit the installer? After doing that, you will be taken back to the TWRP screen. To exit the TWRP screen, first pull the drag bar on the screen that says Swipe to unlock to the right and thenTap on Reboot System . This will open your phone without the rom being loaded.

Just one caveat: Your phone won't turn on! Because you have completely erased your phone's internal memory. In order to turn on your phone, you shouldapply what is written under   METHOD 3 - ODIN [/ su_highlight] inour Guide to Installing Original ROMs for Samsung Galaxys .

[/ su_spoiler]

Recent changes

3 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Changelog

On this screen, you will see the list of changes in rom. Pass without doing anything by pressing Next> directly . When you do this, a box will appear and there will be a text inside:

Warning! (Warning!) Due to system size constraints, please only select what you will use (and not everything). Otherwise you will get Symlink failed and the rom wont work!
(Due to system size restrictions, please choose only what to use (not everything). Otherwise Symlink will fail and rom will not work!)

OK (OK) button to passing this warning.

[/ su_spoiler]

Main options

4 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Main options

With this screen, we start choosing what we want to do in rom.

Wipe options

Since we reset the phone, we select No, I want to keep all my setup option here.

Others (Others)

We select the option to Backup current EFS . This way we back up our IMEI.

Bootanimations (Opening animations)

You can choose any of them. We recommend Hades . Really cool animation!

After making these selections, go to the next screen by tapping Next> .

[/ su_spoiler]

CSC Options

5 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA CSC Options

On this screen, we are asked to make the relevant selection for the network and local settings (features such as 4.5G, LTE) to work.

Leave the Previous option selected and press Next> .

[/ su_spoiler]


6 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Features

Smart Manager

Allows you to choose whether the Smart Manager is Chinese or international.

Select International Smart Manager .

Edge Features

Allows you to select the features of the phone's Edge screen.

  • Edge Lite: only adds lighting effects
  • Edge Full: Adds panel customizations as well as lighting (recommended).
  • No Edge: Does not add Extra Edge feature.

Ringtones and other sounds:

  • S10 + Sounds: Samsung Galaxy S10 + ringtones are set as default (recommended).
  • Note9 Sounds: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ringtones are set by default.

Other Features:

  • Galaxy S9 + Infinity Wallpapers (un-check for Note9 WP): Adds the endless wallpaper feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 + to your phone. But if you want to use Note 9 wallpapers, uncheck this option.
  • Patched GoodLock Manager: Allows you to install all Good Lock modules (process using Google Chrome, so you have to install Chrome).
  • Rounded Corners: It allows the edges of the listing interface to be rounded while doing some operations in the settings (Example: The list that appears when viewing Wi-Fi networks)
  • Google LiveCaptions: Activates the Google Live Captions feature for all video and audio .
  • Slot Features: Loads USbBackup (Usb backup), SPowerPlanning (power scheduler), Ultra data saving (ultra data saving), Memory Saver (memory cleaner) and Samsung Max features.
  • AdAway: Enables system level ad blocking functionality. We do not recommend it, because some advertising-like services and apps might not work. We recommend that you install a third-party application afterwards instead, so that all applications are running smoothly.
  • NavigationBar: Coming with Samsung One UI 2.0, installs virtual keys at the bottom of the screen to the system. But we don't recommend it because the S7 Edge has its own physical keys. But if you still want to experience this interface, check this option.
  • DualSpeaker: It loads the feature that allows you to get sound output from the handset and speaker at the same time.
  • YouTube Vanced: Installs the ad-free application, YouTube Vanced .

After making your selections, go to the next screen by pressing Next> .

[/ su_spoiler]

Spoiler title

7 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Font Emoji options


  • Samsung Emoji: Loads original emojis, shipped with Samsung OneUI 2.0.
  • AOSP Emoji: Loads emojis found on AOSP roms.
  • iOS Emoji: Loads emojis on iPhones.
  • System-Wide Emoji: Integrates emojis into the whole system. Uncheck it if you only want to use emojis on the keyboard.

Extra Fonts:

  • Stock Samsung Fonts: Installs original Samsung fonts (recommended).
  • Google Fonts: Google loads some fonts.
  • 1120 Fonts Pack: It installs the extended mode version of the SamsungSans family of 1120 fonts .

After making your selections, go to the next screen by pressing Next> .

[/ su_spoiler]

CSC Features

8 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA CSC Features

Check the features you want to enable here:

  • Extra QS Toggles: Adds a few Quick Panel ( pop up when pulling down the notification bar) button related to CSC.
  • Network speed in statusbar: Adds network speed indicator to the status bar.
  • Data icon in power menu: Adds a mobile data icon between the buttons that appear when you hold down the power button.
  • Call recording: It adds the feature that you can record sound during the phone call.
  • Camera shooter sound option: Adds the feature that you can turn the shutter sound on or off when shooting with the camera.
  • Disable Anti-Malware in Smart Manager / Device Care: Disables the anti-malware feature of Smart Manager / Device Care components.
  • LTE only network mode: Adds "4.5G only" feature to mobile network settings.
  • Data usage in quick panel: Quick adds mobile data usage indicator to the panel.
  • LTE data icon: When your network switches to 4.5G, it makes it say LTE instead of 4.5G in the status bar.
  • Force RCS support: Enables RCS support. Requires compatible network carrier.
  • Places tab in dialer: Adds a "Places" tab to the phone application (not recommended).
  • Other CSC tweaks: Loads other small CSC tweaks .

After making your selections, go to the next screen by pressing Next> .

[/ su_spoiler]


9 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA Bloatware

Select the components you want to install in the system on this screen:

Bixby Apps (Bixby Apps):

Samsung apps:

  • Samsung Game Launcher: Installs the Samsung Game Launcher . However, to use this , you also need to install Samsung Game Tools .
  • Samsung Game Tools: Installs the Samsung Game Tools . It is recommended to check the frequently asked questions for performance issues in games.
  • Samsung AR Stickers: Installs Samsung AR Stickers , called Augmented Reality, which allows you to use stickers while shooting with the camera .
  • Samsung Calculator: Installs the Samsung calculator.
  • Samsung Dictionary: Installs the Samsung dictionary.
  • Samsung Dual Messenger: It installs the Samsung Dual Messenger component and makes it available in all applications.
  • Samsung Email: Loads Samsung Email .
  • Samsung Reminder: Installs Samsung Reminder (reminder).
  • Samsung Video: Loads Samsung Video.
  • Samsung Voice Recorder: Install Samsung se recorder.
  • Samsung DigitalWellbeing: Installs Samsung DigitalWellbeing .

Other apps:

  • ANT + Apps: Install the necessary components for the operation of wearable devices such as smart watches.
  • Google Assistant: Install the Google Assistant .
  • Google Chrome: Install Google Chrome.
  • Flipboard Briefing: Loads Flipboard Briefing .
  • Sim Toolkit: It installs sim card related applications such as 

After making your selections, go to the next screen by pressing Next> .

[/ su_spoiler]

The wizard is ready to begin installation

10 FloydQ V5.0 AROMA CSC The wizard is ready

When you encounter this last screen, you can now start the installation by pressing Install> at the bottom of the screen if you are completely sure of the choices you made . However, if you want to make changes to the selections, you can press <Back .

99 FloydQ V5.0 TWRP Finish

You will see a percentage of installation and the installation information flowing on the screen. Press Finish after the installation is complete . You will be returned to the TWRP screen but the screen will be locked. Pull the drag bar on the screen to the right to unlock the screen.

Now it's time to upload the FloydQ 5.0 Patch files. Install the .zip patch files you have downloaded one by one by clicking the Install button in TWRP . After installing all patches, restart the phone by following the path Reboot> System via TWRP .

The first boot up of the phone can take between 15-30 minutes. The reason is the commands executed at the first startup. In fact, the ROM installation continues even when the phone is turned on (even in the "Welcome" screen you see after the phone is turned on, the installation continues in the background).

After the phone boots up and encounters the Welcome screen, follow the instructions to finish the setup. Remember, since the installation is still underway, when you see the "Please wait" message every time you perform a transaction, it may take a long time.

[/ su_spoiler]


FloydQ rom is installed unrooted to avoid problems. However, this is not a problem, on the contrary, it has been useful work for a more successful rom. You can install Magisk root on your phone yourself . You can use our explanation below for root:


Common Problems About FloydQ Rom

After the installation (after completing the operations on the welcome screen and facing the home screen), let your phone idle for 15 minutes to create the caches and optimize the system. Your phone will be HOT at this stage. If you have installed rom on rom, called Dirty Flashing , it is recommended to wait for 30 minutes. [/ Su_note]

Problems associated with the Samsung OneUI 2.5 interface:

These are issues caused by OneUI 2.5 and the rom maker has no power to fix. If a solution to these problems is found, they will be provided via updates.

  1. Google Chrome getting stuck, freezing:
    • This is a bug in recent OneUI 2.1 patches (mainly Chrome and Brave web browser) affecting the web view causing some apps to freeze. Click for details .
    • In the Chrome address line, type chrome: // flags / # ignore-gpu-blacklist and say go and enable Renderer override . This may increase your chances of getting rid of problems.
  2. Allowed Devices list issue on Hotspot: When entering this list, the phone may freeze. Click for detailed information .
  3. The Goodlock module SoundAssistant may mute the sound: SoundAssistant may mute the phone completely or cause it to be lower due to a bug. Click for detailed information .

Problems and Solutions:

Problem: Excessive battery usage or rapid battery drain
Solution: Charge your phone several times while it's off. So first wait for the battery to drain completely. Then charge with the phone turned off until your phone is fully charged. For some reason on the OneUI 2+ the battery only charges between 90% and 95%, for example up to 85% backlash sometimes (the system says 100%, but if you turn off the phone and charge it, you'll see it's less than 100%). The Rom developer tested this charging process on his own Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and was able to capture 3-4 hours of screen time. Click for detailed information about the error.

Problem: Sudden sound cut off
Solution: Current workaround; is either restarting or turning MoroSound on / off and dealing with EQ in HKTweaks (requires root)

Problem: Performance, fps, crash in games
Solution: Open Game Launcher . Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of thescreen. Enter Game Performance . Go into the settings of any game andselect the Battery saver option andtap Apply . Click for video narration (in English).

Problem: After changing the wallpaper, no wallpapers appear and encounter black wallpaper
Solution: This is about choosing S9 + Wallpaper pack (S9 + Wallpaper pack)during the installation of the rom, thewallpaper will be reset in dirty flash operations.

Problem: Screen does not turn on in the morning after leaving the phone to charge at night (green LED only)
Solution: There is no 100% solution for everyone. However, using the device for a day or two often clears up the problem completely. Other workarounds are as shown below (including limiting to 99% of battery capacity):
- Press and hold the volume down and power key simultaneously for at least 10 seconds to restart the phone that won't turn on. When the phone vibrates, release the keys.
- This problem mostly occurs on your first rom install and disappears after a few days of use.
- Turning on the Always-on Display or using the screen saver (Settings> Display> Screen saver) can reduce the problem (the developer got rid of the problem this way)
- The best solution method is to not keep the phone on charge overnight for a few days after the initial setup of the rom or charge the phone while it is turned off.
Limiting the battery charge capacity to 99% seems to be a permanent solution. To limit the battery capacity to 99% , you must do it yourself using the Magisk module ACC (adaptive charge controller) module and its tuning app .

Problem: When you try to charge the phone it won't charge.
Solution: Check the temperature of your battery. OneUI 2 protocol prevents it from charging when your battery is above 42C. No solution has yet been found to remove this obstacle.

Problem: Phone speaker volume turned off, no sound at all.
Solution: When this problem occurs, restart the device.
-Enterthe HKtweaks applicationthat comes with the Rom,turn off Morosound and EQ from the Sound section. Thus, you will reset the function that caused the problems to occur.
While Morosoud / EQ is always enabled, some users do not experience this problem.

Problem: CIDManager asks you to reset the phone (Sim Card replaced popup appears).
Solution: Either reinstall the rom and change the CSC to Automatic or TUR, or using the file manager in TWRP, do the following:
- Go into Mount and check System.
- Enter Advanced> File Manager from the TWRP home screen.
- Navigate to system / system / priv-app / CIDManager location.
- Tap on the APK file you see there and select Delete and delete this file.
- Reboot the phone by going back to the TWRP home screen and following the path Reboot> System.

Problem: I am getting symlinks error, the rom installation is not successful.
Solution: As we told you in the AROMA setup, avoid ticking all the options otherwise you will get the installation error. Set up by checking the options you need.

Problem: I get an error when installing rom, even though I only ticked the options I need, why?
Solution: If you get an error while trying to install theromanddon't do the Wipe operations,when you try to installrom on the rom, the installation fails because you exceeded the size allowed by the system. After doing the wipe process, try to install the rom.

Problem: The device gets too hot.
Solution: If you have encountered this issue right after the initial installation of the rom, take it as normal as the device creates the caches and necessary files and adjusts the background.

Problem: My phone won't turn on, please help!
Solution: You should haveinstalled this rom with thelatest Android 8.0 Oreo update installed on your phone. If you are not sure about this, firstinstall the latest update to your phone using the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935F Download Stock Rom link. Then install this rom.

Questions and answers:

Question: Which version of Vanced to use? (With or without root)
Answer: We recommend that youusethe NON-ROOT option andinstall microG from the advanced managerto avoid complex setup. Click for installation .

Question: Does it support Google Camera (GCAM)?
Answer: You must use Android Q compatible GCAM . Otherwise, the application will be stuck, @ mark199850 developed by the unixcamer are supported. Install the application, open it, go to the camera settings and restart the GCAM application.

Question: How can we disable the key lights without turning on the power save?
Answer: You can adjust the key lights as you wish by using Galaxy Button Light & Vibration application.

Question: Is this rom supported by phones with Snapdragon processors?
Answer: This romsupportsAll Exynos 8890 devices (S7 / S7E Note7 and Note7FE) and does not support Snapdragon models.

Question: What to do after installing Rom?
Answer: Implementation of the Galaxy Store 'open u find and update all of the applications that are installed on the system.

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