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Amazon Prime Gaming service is now accessible to Indian gamers. From now on, existing Amazon Prime members can get free PC games and in-game items from time to time.

Gaming on Amazon Prime in India: The Full Lowdown

Last week, many users noticed that Amazon accidentally revealed its plans to launch Prime Gaming in India on social media. The company quickly removed the listing, confirming rumours that had been circulating.

When Prime Gaming first went to live in India at the beginning of this year, members could earn in-game rewards for playing mobile games like Free Fire, COD Mobile, and others.

With an active Amazon Prime membership, you can get this gaming service at no additional cost. Several perks are available to Prime Gaming members, including full-length PC versions of popular games. To top it all off, Prime Gaming provides in-game rewards for popular games like Apex Legends, Madden NFL, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

Although Prime members in other countries can use receive one free month subscription per month for subscribing to their favourite Twitch streamer, this perk is not yet available in India.

How to use Amazon Prime Gaming to get free games and in-game rewards?

1.Go to the official website by clicking this link:


2.Get started by logging into your Amazon Prime account. Those who aren’t already Prime members can get a free trial by clicking the button that says “Try Prime” in the upper right corner.


3.After logging in, click the “Activate Prime Gaming” button in the upper right corner.


Activate Prime Gaming

4.Click the “Get in-game content” button, then click “Claim” that appears under a Game, and then follow the on-screen instructions to claim in-game rewards.


5.Linking your game client account with Prime Gaming is required in order to access certain in-game rewards and games. To redeem Quake, for example, you must link your Epic Games account to prime gaming.


6.The full game or in-game reward will appear in your gaming client once you have linked successfully.


In order to access some of the claimed games (for example Brothers game), Windows PC users will need to install the free Amazon Games app (


Amazon Prime in India costs Rs 179 per month or Rs 1499 per year, and now it includes access to Prime Gaming.

The Amazon Prime free trial provides Indian gamers with a risk-free opportunity to check out the service.

About Amazon Prime Gaming :

Subscribers to Amazon Prime can take advantage of this service, which grants them access to a library of free games and in-game rewards for a wide variety of video games. It works on Windows, macOS, and Android.

Most of the time, these free games and in-game content are only available for a short time, so you should check back often to see what’s new.

Prime Gaming provides its members with not only free games and in-game items but also deep discounts on a variety of video games and gaming accessories.

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