Get Original Stock ROM for Galaxy (How to Use Sammobile?)

I tell you where and how you can get the official and original ROM (in other words stock) file produced by Samsung itself, which you can install on your phone.

Getting Original ROM from

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Why you can say Because the owners of this site upload the original updates and rom files of all Samsung Galaxy phones to their own servers. This site hosts thousands of rom files for each country. That’s why I am directing you here as the most reliable source.

You can upload the original rom file you have obtained to your phone using the ODIN program. Click the link below to learn how:

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You can download the ROM file you want on Sammobile by following the instructions below:

1. Proceed to > JOIN .
2. Click on JOIN under the FREE table . 3. Now we will create a new membership on this page. Do it as follows:

User Name: enter a username
Password: enter a password
Confirm Password: re-enter the same password
Email Address: enter an email address (have one you use)
Confirm Email Address: re-enter the same email address
Puzzle verification: Jigsaw puzzle right below this field You will see a verification function, this site is designed to tell if you are a bot. Move the upper left puzzle pieces to their appropriate places in the thumbnail. Select
Country: TR – Turkey.
Gender: Choose Male or Female.
Device: Choose the phone you use, not necessarily correct
Check  the box in front of I have read at the bottom of the page without touching the other options . Click on

4. On the next page, he will mention that a verification code has been sent to your e-mail address. Access your e-mail, check the Inbox or Spam boxes, find Sammobile’s post, click the link in it, and verify your account.
5. Go to Sammobile.comLOGIN .
6. Type your user name in the User name field and your password in the Password field and click on LOG IN.
7. Go to Sammobile.comFIRMWARE  , click on My model number , type in your model code or phone model (eg Galaxy S7) and select your phone from the list that appears, then click the search icon to the right.
8.In the page that opens , click on Select country and find and select Turkey from the list .
9. When you get a little down the page will then appear ROM files based on Android version was released in Turkey. You can download and install the version you want. Click on one of them.
10. On the next page, first refresh the corresponding page by pressing the [Ctrl] + [R] keys together on your keyboard. In this way, you will overcome the cache problem that sometimes occurs on the site. After this process, the page will be refreshed. Then when you scroll down the page you will see REGULAR DOWNLOAD , click on it.
11. You will proceed to the next page. Here onlyThere will be a button that says DOWNLOAD . If you have a download manager such as Internet Download Manager before clicking this button , remove it from your computer, otherwise your download will fail. Then click the button.
12. A small window will appear and a countdown will appear in it. When the countdown is over Your download is now ready! Click on DOWNLOAD just below it . Your download will begin. Depending on your internet speed and file size, the file will be downloaded within an estimated 1-3 hours.
13. You can flash the downloaded file to your phone with the ODIN program. Click to learn how .

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4 thoughts on “Get Original Stock ROM for Galaxy (How to Use Sammobile?)”

  1. Selam Aleykum
    Arkadaslar bende a50 wifi sorunu var. son guncellemeyide yaptim.
    Amma set hep gelib gidiyor. Modem yaninda olsam bile.

    Rom yazilinca duzelirmi??

  2. Merhaba,
    Ben samsung galaxy note fan edition SM-N935F model telefonumu andorid 9 sürümünden 8’e döndürmek istiyorum.Bunun için sammobile gibi sitelerden select country bölümünden TUR ile arattığım zaman türkiye sürümü çıkmıyor.Telefonun pda ve csc kod numarasına göre baktığımda kod numaraları benim şuanki 9 sürümüyle tutan ülkeler var. Diğer ülkelerin stock romlarını indirip kurarsam ne gibi farklılıklar olacaktır ?

    • Note Fan Edition SM-N935F modelinin Türkiye romu bulunmamakta. Bu yüzden ekstradan sitemize Suudi Arabistan romunu ekledik. Romlar yüklenebilir fakat 3G, 4.5G, görüntülü arama ve Volte özelliği çalışmayabilir.Bu ihtimaller var.


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