God mode in Windows 11: what is it and how to activate it

If you’ve ever heard about the God mode of Windows 11 read but don’t know exactly what it is, this article will answer your questions. We also show you how to access it in a few steps.

What is god mode in windows 11?

Of the God-Modepopularly too Gott-Modus is a direct access to more than 200 system administration tools. It is so called because many Windows settings can be adjusted by accessing it.

However, we must demystify this mode of the Microsoft operating system a little. You won’t find a feature in it that isn’t accessible through a command, through the configuration application, or through the control panel. So God Mode is nothing more than a folder full of shortcuts to the tools included in the operating system or to specific sections of these tools.

How to enable god mode in windows 11?

Accessing this feature is very easy. Just right-click an empty spot in any folder or on the desktop. Place the cursor on New and then click Folder (Binder).

Create a new folderCreate a new folder

Now it’s time to rename the new folder you created. Use the F2 key or the Rename command in the context menu. When the folder is ready to be renamed, it will look like this.

rename folderrename folder

Copy the following code::


Paste it into your folder to use as a name.

Enter the codeEnter the code

Now the folder has become a shortcut for a variety of configuration functions. You can double-click them all from File Explorer.

God mode in Windows 11God mode in Windows 11

As mentioned earlier, many of these features are accessible in a variety of ways. In other words, you don’t have to activate this mode to get to them. An example is the attitude Change how Windows searches.

Settings to change the indexing feature in Windows 11Settings to change the indexing feature in Windows 11

If you use Windows search, you can find them too.

The same option via search in Windows 11The same option via search in Windows 11

Therefore, the steps to this mode are mainly useful to see all advanced system settings at a glance.

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