Google Indexing Free For Your Site

Google Indexing Free For Your Site

BacklinkTool is a free online web application for quickly indexing website links on Google.

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It uses the white hat method to securely submit your links to Google. These links will then be properly indexed and this will eventually help you increase your website traffic. BacklinkTool works simply and no registration or registration is required. You just give them the connections and she’ll take care of the rest. If you have set up a new website, you can start using this tool to properly index your links.

Open the BacklinkTool page.

Google Indexing Free For Your Site

Indexing of links in search engine like Google is very important. Google won’t show any content on your site if it’s not indexed properly. There are various methods to do this, but the simplest is through this tool that I’m talking about here. If you use Google or Bing Web Masters tools, you can do the same thing, but for those of you who have no idea about these tools, this tool I’m talking about here will come in handy…

Quickly indexing website links on Google with the backlink tool

Open the main homepage of BacklinkTool. There is a simple text box where you have to paste all the links you want to index. . You can add unlimited links here. And after pasting them, simply press the “ Process Now ” button.

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It will only take a few seconds for the tool to process all the links you send. Once completed, you will see the results when redirected to a new page. If the submission was successful, you can resend the links later.

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