Google Photos unknown features, tips and tricks

Google Photos is a powerful application to manage, secure, organize and share your smartphone photos. So it’s more than just a traditional gallery app. We’ll show you some exciting features. Here are the best tips and tricks for Google Photos.

Storage space and cost of Google Photos

You can install the Google Photos app on Android and iOS devices for free. It automatically uploads your photos to Google (if you have a Wi-Fi network connected) and leaves free storage space on your smartphone / iPhone after upload.

Google offers you unlimited storage space for photos and videos . Your photos are then scaled to 16 megapixels. It is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels with 30 fps for videos. If you want to upload more megapixel or RAW photos as well as 4K videos, you should opt for the paid version.

Use compression for unlimited storage:

  1. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner  .
  2. Then  Settings Click  .
  3. Save and Synchronize for there  .
  4. Choose the upload size there.
  5. Choose high quality .

If you’re running low on storage space, you can retroactively apply compression to photos and videos. 

Later, pre-loaded media will be replaced with compressed versions; Copies of the originals in your Google Drive storage will be lost.

If you chooseHigh qualityyou will have unlimited storage space for your photos. 

Additional storage costs

If you decide to install at its original size, 15 GB will fill up quickly. Google’s published cloud storage prices are as follows:

Google Photos prices for more storage

Storage space

Price per month

Annual price

15 GB



100 GB

$ 1.99

$ 19.99

200 GB

$ 2.99

$ 29.99

2 TB

$ 9.99

$ 99.99

10 TB

$ 99.99

20 TB

$ 199.99

30 TB

$ 299.99

Google Drive storage cost is lower if you pay one year in advance. Visit the website for current costs and special offers  .

Upload photos manually or automatically and save online

By default, Google Photos syncs the photos you take with your smartphone camera. You can also choose other folders to be synchronized. There are two ways to do this:

  1. You’ll get a notification when Google Photos finds a new folder with pictures. Then decide whether the folder will be backed up in the future.
  2. Open Google Photos and tap  Device Folder from the left side menu  There you will see all the folders containing photos. Tap on the gray cloud to the right of the folder name to make sure that this folder is also backed up by Google Photos .

Deleting photos

Since Google Photos is not a traditional gallery app but a cloud backup app for your photos, the deletion process distinguishes the two variants. In the main view, you delete photos from both the cloud and the device. To delete photos from the cloud or your phone’s offline storage, you must do one of the following:

Delete photos on your phone

When you delete a photo from Google Photos, it is deleted from everywhere including the cloud. But if you only want to delete a photo on your device from the phone,

This trick for Google Photos will help you:

google fotograflar ipuclari puf noktalari ve bilinmeyen ozellikleri1

To delete photos locally, go to your device’s internal folder. 

Open the left menu and tap the device folder  There you can see all the photos stored on the device. If you delete a photo here, it will only be deleted from the device and not from Google’s cloud. This can be useful if your smartphone is running low on memory but you don’t want to lose your photos.

You can also delete all pre-loaded photos from your phone at once to free up internal storage space quickly. Just  tap on free space . The preview of the photos continues to appear on the homepage of Google Photos, and the high version is available online. This is because high-resolution versions are specially downloaded when needed.

Delete photos from the cloud

If you want to delete photos from anywhere, not just from the device, you can do so from the main Photos view. Photos deleted there are deleted from the cloud and from the device, provided that the cloud is stored on the device. The deleted photos are sent to the trash. If you accidentally delete an image, you have 60 days to restore it from the trash. Later, it will be permanently deleted by Google.

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 2

  • Did you accidentally delete a photo? Don’t worry, you have 60 days to restore. 

Hide images in Google Photos

It will be difficult with Google Photos , especially if you want to hide hidden photos from other people looking over your shoulder . You can select individual photos and ” archive ” them via the menu , but they can still be viewed in searches. This can be embarrassing, as the image recognition in Google Photos accurately recognizes many details.

The situation is similar to albums. These may be ” Hidden from Albums “. However, the images contained in it remain in place and are discovered both by searching for recognized objects and scenes and by the name of the album in the search function.

To prevent the synchronization of individual folders, you can temporarily assign a different write path to your camera app, manually pause Google Photos sync, create an empty file named .nomedia in the internal folder on your phone .

Use or download Google Photos on PC or Mac

The Google Photos app is also available for PC and Mac. You can then save the photos from your regular digital camera to your image folder on your computer, and then save, organize and share the photos in Google Photos according to the above criteria.

The Google Photos app for Windows or Mac automatically uploads photos from your digital camera to Google. 

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 3

The application is free to  download from Google  and is set as a background service at the time of installation. It monitors the folders you set for changes and uploads files to Google according to your preferences.

Defines the folders and file formats to be backed up in the Google Photos app. 

Similar to the smartphone app, you also define the upload quality. All videos and photos are available in the  Photos web app, and then you can access them from any computer / tablet / smartphone in the world if you sign in with your Google Account.

Files of other formats are available in Google Drive, but backup is done in one direction only. The Google Photos app for Windows and MacOS does not download photos previously saved in the cloud.

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 4

It excludes file formats such as .ini or .db from backup. 

Download Google Photos completely

If you no longer want to delete your Google Account or use Google Photos, you should download your images completely from Google Photos and save them locally. Sorry, there is no “Download all images” button in Google Photos. 

Editing photos

Google Photos offers regular filters to organize your photos. 

  • Open a photo and tap the three horizontal bars symbolizing horizontal sliders. 
  • Then adjust the light and color, automatically optimize photos or use Instagram style filters. 
  • Cutting and turning is also possible. Changes can be undone.

Be creative

The Google Photos wizard notifies you from time to time with automatically generated galleries and animations. Of course, you can also create them manually. 

To do this,  press the For  you button on the home page  . Above, Google recommends an album, photo book, movies, collages or animations. Tap it and select the photos. Google Photos does the rest for you.

Tips for using Google Photos

Quickly select and tag photos

To quickly select multiple photos at once, press and hold your finger on the first photo and then slide to other photos. Then all photos between the first and last one you touch are also selected.

Change the photo view

Google Photos sorts your photos chronologically (Today, Yesterday, Monday, December 2019, …). You can also change the view by spreading the preview screen with two fingers to enlarge the photos. Conversely, the same applies in a similar way. If you compact the view, you can switch to month or year view and see a larger time range.

Change the photo view with two finger gestures.

Search for people, places, things and more

In cloud storage, an algorithm tags images stored in Google Photos with keywords. If you are looking for Ankara, cat or bike, you will probably find what you are looking for. 

Google Photos finds everything. 

Google Photos: Tips for shared memories

Share photos easily (via WhatsApp)

Google Photos makes it easy to share your pictures with friends and family. It doesn’t matter if other people use Google Photos too. You submit a link where the shared photos can be viewed by other users on a website. 

Just follow this Google Photos tip:

Select the photos you want to share, then tap the share icon (to the left of the plus sign) at the top of the menu. In the New  Share  menu,   you need to click Get Link . A shareable link is created and then copied to your clipboard.

You can now share this link with your friends, for example via WhatsApp or email. This is better than direct uploading via WhatsApp because images are not compressed poorly.

Google Photos: Shared photo albums

Google Photos allows different users to upload pictures to the same album. To use this function, simply send a link to the corresponding photo album so that your contacts can access the folder. Each link recipient can then add more images as a user of the album. 

All users associated with the album receive a notification on their device when new photos are added. So you can easily collect pictures of birthday parties, weddings or joint outings.

To access the albums you were later invited to,  tap Sharing on the bottom navigation bar of the main Google Photos page  .

By the way:  Albums are not folders. This means images can be assigned to multiple albums without making copies.

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 5

Google Photos allows multiple users to upload pictures to the same photo album. / © Google

Commenting on photos and albums

Shared photos and albums can be commented directly in the application. If you’ve opened a shared album, they can share photos and albums with your friends and comment directly on the app. There is a speech bubble icon in the child application area. If you click on it, the comment area opens and you can comment right away. Alternatively, if you just love a picture, you can also hit the little heart.

All users approved for the image or album will receive a new comment or a notification that the heart is available. With this comment or similar function, pictures and albums get a more interactive and social component.

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 6

You can comment on individual recordings and entire albums on Google Photos. Later, a heart was also added. 

Google Photos: Tag people and face recognition

You cannot tag people. Apparently, the facial recognition feature has been criticized for being highly suspicious from a privacy perspective. Consequently, this feature is not available worldwide.

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 7

Personal tags should make it even easier to search for specific images. 

View Google Photos on TV

Slide evenings are often considered torture. So what could be more natural than presenting pictures to the family on TV? It’s easy with Google Photos, thanks to the support of Chromecast.

Before the pictures hit the big screen, you can choose which ones to view on the smartphone or tablet. Videos and animated GIF files can also be viewed this way.

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 8

Google Photos is compatible with Chromecast so you can stream pictures and videos directly to your TV. 

Scanning photos of old paper

Although digital cameras have been around for 20 years, many photos are still analog and only available on paper. If you want to digitize such memories, you   can try the Scan Photos function. 

Behind this is an additional app that specializes in taking old pictures. The photo scanner doesn’t just take pictures, it captures the old picture several times and with different perspectives. 

The application calculates a total of five photos. Reflections take no chance, so the photo is digitized in full brightness. After saving the photo, it will be automatically uploaded to Google Photos.

Print photos

Of course, you can print photos directly from the application. If your smartphone recognizes a printer on a Wi-Fi network, it’s as easy as you can imagine.

Google Fotoğraflar bilinmeyen özellikleri ipuçları ve püf noktaları 9

You can use Google Photos to send individual photos directly to a wireless printer.

However, if you want to print a batch of Google Photos at a shop, the following procedure will be useful:

  1. Create an album.
  2. Add photos to the album.
  3. Download the whole album to a USB stick via PC.
    1. Top right menu:  Download all .
    2. Extract the ZIP file to the stick.
  4. Use the stick in the store.

PhotoScan from Google Photos

What is your favorite feature of Google Photos? Or what alternative do you use to share and sort photos with your family? Leave a comment on your story!

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