Harpooning in Minecraft: what is it and how does it work?

There are a large number of enchantments in Minecraft, and some of them are even specific to specific weapons. Such is the case with the Harpoon spell, an enchantment that can only be cast on a trident.

What is the Harpoon Enchantment

The Harpoon Enchantment is a spell that casts the Attack with the trident clearly improved. This can be useful both for dealing with very strong underwater enemies and for making the weapon last longer since it takes far fewer casts to defeat enemies.

How to curse a trident with an enchantment table.

To enchant weapons, you can use a enchantmentcreate table. Such a table can be created using the following recipe:

  • 1 Buch
  • 2 diamonds
  • 4 obsidian blocks

Recipe for creating an enchantment tableRecipe for creating an enchantment table

As you can see in the picture, the objects to be edited should be placed as follows:

  • First row: book in the middle.
  • Second row: A diamond on each side, an obsidian block in the middle.
  • Third row: Three obsidian blocks.

Now that you’ve created the table, you need to have lapis lazuli ready, as well as the trident itself. Place the trident in the top block and the lapis lazuli in the bottom block.

From the enchantment table you can enchant a trident with lapis lazuliFrom the enchantment table you can enchant a trident with lapis lazuli

On the right you can see three enchantments, which may include the Harpoon Spell. The spells available are pseudo-random, so it’s not 100% sure you’ll get the one you want, although thankfully there aren’t many different spells you can use with the trident.

Enchant the trident with your book of enchantment and an anvil

There is another way to enchant a weapon. This consists of getting the desired enchantment book (in this case the harpoon enchantment) and using an anvil. If you don’t know how to create an anvil, you can see how to do it in this other tutorial. From the anvil menu you should place the trident on the left and the harpoon enchantment book on the right. The resulting object will be the finished enchanted trident.

With an anvil it is also possible to use the harpoon spell on a tridentWith an anvil it is also possible to use the harpoon spell on a trident

The only difficulty with this method is finding the desired enchantment book. Enchanted books are found in chests, can be purchased from a villager with Emeralds, or obtained by fishing with a rod.

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