Here’s how to add channels to You TV Player

In You TV Player was previously able to add new channels in addition to the default channels. We explain the current state of this feature and what you can do to add your own channels to the app. You TV Player is an app that has evolved over time. One of those features was the ability to add channels, making the app even richer. Adding our own channels allowed us to configure the app to our liking as there was a chance that what the app offered would not satisfy us. However, anyone who downloads the latest available version will not find this option to add channels. And if you can’t find them, then because she is no longer there. The reasons for this change are unknown, but the developers have already removed it for a couple of versions.

Will this feature come back in the future? There is no certainty as to why it was removed. There are various reasons for this, from bugs to slowdowns or simply a desire to focus the offer on a certain number of channels. If you are using an older version where this is possible, you can definitely do it in the following way.

  1. When you open your app, you have to select the option in the main menu Add Available choose.
  2. There you will find a field called Stream-Namein which you tutv enter Directly below is the URL of the stream, In this way, new channels could be added.

Even if you download and install an old version of the app, you won’t be able to use it until you update it. The tests we carried out did not allow us to use an old APK without having to update to the latest version. Therefore, adding channels to You TV Player is now a thing of the past, we’ll have to wait for future developments in this regard.

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